Please, come in…

We watch the animals come in until the numbers start to alarm us, but we hold strong, steel our nerves and stick to our process for intake. It’s a comfort to have a process and know where to start. This is the telltale sign of solid seasoned rescue.

Process. Procedure. Bylaws. Mission Statement


Assess the Animals

Do any need emergency care? Do any need special treatment?

Start booking Vet appointments. Back and forth, and back and forth from home to Thorold Veterinary Hospital or Dunville Vet Hospital. Hours spent driving, waiting, meeting and learning.



After the animals are initially assessed by our vet we move into the treatment phase. Do they need spay or neuter? Dental? Specialist appointment? Ultrasound? Blood work? Vaccines? Heart worm testing? De-worming? Microchipping?

How long does treatment last?? Can we find a foster home? Is this dog ready to find their forever home? Do they need more time, attention, special behaviour training?



They need to be listed on Petfinder, Petango, entered into our pet points software and write a post for the website.

We need pictures and stories. Wordsmiths must get to work. We need to capture the dogs, accurately describe their personality, behaviour, training, leash walking and house training. Are they afraid of thunder? Loud noises? Children? Cats? Other dogs? Horses? Pigs? Goats? Snakes? Mongoose? Wait? Mongoose?

newgraphicearly2016Now, we’re ready for the adoption process.

Typical conversation:

BCFS: we’ll need an adoption application before we can arrange a meet and greet.

Applicant: I’m not comfortable giving you that information

BCFS: Please give us as much information as you feel comfortable with and we’ll go from there

Applicant: Why can’t we just come meet the dog?

BCFS: Because we have criteria that must be met before we involve a foster home and the dog. It’s in everyone’s best interest.


For every adoption there are at least 10 emails back and forth, a few phone calls, a meet and the adoption itself. We are volunteers. We do this because we love animals, not because we have a ridiculous amount of spare time.

If we don’t get back to you right away, we’re doing our very best. We also have lives, families and our animals that need special care.


If you don’t like the way BCFS does things, that’s okay, there are many different flavours of rescue to choose from when searching for your best friend.

Use a search engine like Petfinder or look for a specialty rescue if you’re seeking a certain breed. We are happy when a dog finds a loving forever home, it doesn’t have to be through BCFS. Do your research and most of all:

Adopt, don’t Shop. 



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