Pippi Update – Life is Sweet!

One of the advantages of adopting a senior dog is how well-trained they usually are: housebroken, great on a leash, good in the car and often know a lot of words. Seniors are easy keepers who appreciate the simple things in life.


Senior dogs often blend quite seamlessly into their new families, grateful for the love offered them. That’s 12-year-old Pippi. She came to us after the owner she’d loved since age 4 passed away, and she’s now fallen in love with the perfect couple who adopted her. Pippi’s new mom sent us this sweet update:

“She made herself right to home the first night.   We got her a little bed and when we go to bed she crawls in it and sleeps all night.   She is such a good dog, goes for a walk, eats and sleeps.   


When we go out for an hour or so and when we come home she just goes wild, she is so happy to see us.  She jumps all over, runs and get her toy.   She loves to go for a car ride and gets in the back seat. 

We took her to the home the other night to see Ross’s sister and she just sat beside the wheelchair and let her pet her.  Some of the other residents wanted to pet her too and she was so gentle with them.   She is such a good doggy and we just love her.  She has met more than our expectations.

Thanks for asking about her and if you get the chance, drop by and see her.. Thanks for all your work that you do for these animals.”

We’re grateful that this sweet and kind senior shih poo we rescued found love a second time around with this lovely couple, especially since November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. How fitting for Pippi.


Thank you, Marie, for sending us this update on Pippi and for the love you, Ross and your family are giving her!

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