Pippi Adopted!

Never have I see a dog “fly off the shelf” like Pippi. We’d barely gotten her dental done before she met her new mom and dad.


Pippi first jumped on the couch in her foster home to sit next to her soon to be mama; then she walked demurely over to sit with her soon to be papa.

Not, so much sit with papa as curl up on his lap for a sweet slumber. It was as thought Pippi had chosen her new family.

pippiadopted11-14-16newfamilyPippi’s right at home with her new mama and papa


Pippi is a sweet kind soul without an ounce of meanness. If you want her food, I believe she thinks:

Please take it. You must need it more than me.

If you want her toys, her water, her sweater or her leash?

Please take it. You must need it more than me. My cookies? Of course, please take it as you must need it more than me.


We all could learn a lot from Pippi.

Congrats Pippi on your new family. You certainly deserve it.

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