Pippa One Year Later – What Love Can Do

We love happy endings for the animals we rescue! Imagine spending four years locked in a cage being continuously bred and having puppies after puppies. By a cruel person who sold your puppies for profit and was so mean to you that you would shake and involuntarily pee and poop when touched. That was Pippa’s world until BCFS rescued her a year ago.


Pippa is an apricot poodle puppy mill survivor who broke our hearts and we took into our foster care program. But Pippa has blossomed like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Click on our underlined links to read her previous posts.

From Broken to Beloved: Pippa’s Journey

Our marvelous foster mom volunteer Raye and her husband Paul cared for Pippa, and with their dogs’ help Pippa slowly learned how to be a dog. Not a breeding machine. And to heal from her emotional wounds. No dog deserves to live in fear or be abused and they were determined to let Pippa know she was safe and loved.


Pippa became a foster graduate last December when Raye and Paul adopted her after months of loving Pippa, and renamed her Abby.


We’re so thrilled to receive this latest update from Raye that we’ll post it first and then tell you more about Pippa’s journey of healing:

It has now been a year since Abby came to live with us as a foster dog from BCFS. It has been one of the most rewarding years of my life watching Abby (Pippa) blossom into a sweet loving girl who gives me butterfly kisses every morning.


Hard to believe she used to hide under shrubs and poop if anyone touched her. How terrified she must have been after spending her first 4 years as a puppy mill breeder. To overcome tapeworms, ear mites, and cracked rotten teeth.

pippa-and-harriette-couch1expsharpcropHarriette, BCFS’ permanent Cushings foster, and pug Sally helped Pippa/Abby learn how to be a dog

Here is a picture of my wonderful little Diva Abby who we made a foster failure by adopting her at Christmas the greatest gift we shared. Hope you enjoy, Raye

PippaAbbyDSC01903expclarityexpresizedPippa/Abby today

Pippa/Abby’s journey hasn’t been easy for her. She arrived with an utterly broken spirit and terrified of nearly everything and everyone: quick moves, loud noises, cars, and any strangers, even company. Pippa would freeze, lose her bladder and bowel control and run and hide in terror. It took months before she crossed a major milestone and sought out cuddles from Raye.


This is the legacy of the puppy mill industry’s ill treatment, relentless breeding, deplorable conditions and care and lack of socialization for breeding mama and papa dogs. When they’re used up they’re thrown away, and lucky ones like Pippa make it into rescue. She was fortunate to come to BCFS and find her forever family with Raye, Paul, Sally and Harriette. Few puppy mill dogs are as lucky.

Please, always adopt, don’t shop.

We’re so happy to see Pippa’s progress and how far she’s come in one year. Thank you to BCFS’ foster and adoptive family Raye and Paul for giving Pippa her “happily ever after” and caring for BCFS’ Cushings foster Harriette!

2 thoughts on “Pippa One Year Later – What Love Can Do”

  1. Your stories of successful rehabilitation of puppy mill dogs gives me such a boost and these dogs would not have a future without you and your rescue taking and helping these dogs. You have my undying gratitude for what you do!

    1. You are amazing too! We love working with you and appreciate all the support over the years. Let’s keep doing what we’re good at! Big Hugs Patty!

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