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Pippa – Broken Spirit, Healthy Body – Adopted

Pippa is only four years old, but she spent most of her life having puppies for profit. Her body is healthy, but her spirit is broken.

It was likely her soft apricot colour that drew the eye of the breeder. Her dark eyes and strawberry blonde coat made her a target. Beautiful and sweet to her own detriment.

There isn’t a mean bone this her little body and even at the height of her fear she doesn’t bite, but she will urinate and defecate when handled. Pippa has found people don’t want to handle a dog that pees and poops on them and has learned to use it as a weapon.

So strong is her fear that her body releases everything inside when she encounters people. What must have they done to this wee dog?

She’s terrified of people.

pippa afraid

Pippa was dropped off at a shelter by a breeder who didn’t have good things to say about the apricot poodle. Pippa was equally unimpressed by the breeder and would poop on him when he tried to pick her up…. a trend that she continues when any man tries to handle her.

Pippa Day One at Shelter
Pippa Day One at Shelter

The Importance of Foster Homes

I put a call into one of my amazing foster homes asking if Raye could work her magic on this sweet girl and teach her that life can be good. Raye immediately jumped to the challenge, but stated that her dogs would likely do most of the work.

Likely Raye’s BCFS permanent foster dog Harriette would do most of the work. She’s proven herself to be a lovely companion with excellent motherly skills at welcoming a frightened pup and teaching them how to be dog. How to chase squirrel, drink from bowls of clean water, curl up in a soft bed and always have a full belly. To feel like a healthy normal dog — something we at BCFS never thought would happen for Harriette, but did — will happen to Pippa.


I completely agreed with Raye and it was no surprise when they came to pick her up that Pippa immediately took to Harriette and was following her around the yard. It was the first time I felt hope for this sweet strawberry blonde.

We let Pippa run about the backyard while we talked and when it was time to for her to be caught and taken to her foster home. Paul offered his soft hands and a gentle voice, but still ended up with poop on his hands.

Video of Pippa — so Frightened 

Foster Mom Raye’s Report: 

This is the first day I have had off to really watch Pippa closely. What I know for sure she has a problem with males just hearing the voice can make her look for hiding place and shake. She is much better with Paul but he is around more. She still gives him a very wide berth but does not shake unless he is very close . At feeding time he puts her dish down and when he backs away she eats so I think with time this will improve. 

   With me as long as I do not startle her I can give her a pat , lift her on the couch and she will not jump down or run away as pic shows. I can carry her as long as very close to my body and she will take a treat from my hand. I think she is more receptive to me because of Harriette.
pippa and harriette
    My dogs are showing me the way. They at first just left her alone and then have let her sniff them without moving or trying to sniff back. Today they started a quiet sniff back at her. They have not offered to play with her but have played in front of her I wonder if they are trying to show her how to play. The cat did roll over and take a play swat as she walked by . I have never seen a dog run in mid air quite like that before. Guess inter breed playing will take awhile.
I think I will get her a thundershirt in a few weeks if we keep progressing . I have done a little research and will be going to Camp Doggin It next weekend I am going to ask the experts opinion there and might get Rosemary to ask when she is at CCG if all is good then I will add it to her fall wardrobe.
pippa and harriette couch
She will never be what most people think as a normal dog but for a compassionate dog lady she could be a constant reminder of why support of rescues is so important.

We will continue to keep you updated on this lovely lady and please send good thoughts to heal her spirit.

pipa first day at bcfs





10 thoughts on “Pippa – Broken Spirit, Healthy Body – Adopted”

  1. I had the pleasure of fostering a puppy mill rescue…terrified of everything…the wind, a leaf, the outside, people. you get the idea. With the help of our pack it took 4 months for him to ask up on lap and a year before we could deem him adoptable. It will happen. Thank you for the work you do.

  2. Raye, thank you so much for taking on Pippa. She came from our shelter and I knew that if she had any chance of recovery, Beaver Creek was the place to put her. I am praying that she starts to know that life can be good.

  3. I have a poodle who came from similar situation and had issues, she is such a suck now, I thought for a second I would take this girl too

  4. do still have pippa…I very interested. I had a toy poople she died of old 5 years ago.i love animals all my life. I live with a roommate his male. but very good with dogs. I almost 50 yrs old and roommate over 60 yrs old. I have a lot of love to give… I treat my dog like a queen.. give what they need. regular check up with vets ect……I had a schdoodle to that was from abuse home.. ifoster until I found a good home. I even hand fed her….how do go about to adopt her if u still have her…

  5. It has been heartwarming to read Pippa’s story. The patience, love and support she is receiving will have it’s reward’s I am sure. The first dog I ever had came from a dog pound and she too was afraid of men. For whatever reason she took a shine to me and we felt safe together. So I do have some understanding of the patience required to work through fear concerns that come from a dogs history. It has been encouraging to read the progress Pippa is making at her foster home with Raye. Our current dog also has some issue with fear toward people and other dogs. I think in her case it was due to lack of socialization as a puppy. However, I have noticed that she seems to respond better to other dogs that are more cautious and warms up to them more readily. We have been considering getting a companion dog for our Daisy, and having read Pippa’s profile story, I am wondering if they might be well suited as company for one another. She seems to have lingered with Beaver Creek for some time now, and perhaps she has even been able to find a permanent home by this time. I hope she is continuing to progress well where ever she is at this time

    1. Yes, Pippa is still available for adoption. The first step is to fill out an adoption application from our documents and forms pages! Thank you!

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