Pippa Adopted by Foster Family!

Sometimes the best story tellers are those who are living the story. Write what you know – and with that intro get your kleenex out for the joyful adoption of Pippa to her foster family.

Video of Pippa at Intake – Day One


From the desk of Paul and Rachelle (Raye):

My first foster dog at BCFS was a toy apricot poodle named Sophie. She came from a puppy mill type situation and I knew I had to help her heal. After 2 weeks of nursing her back to health she was ready to take on the world and BCFS found a wonderful Forever home for her. In the past 16 months we have helped other souls find their way to loving forever homes, then came a call from Amy wondering if we had room for Pippa.

When I met her I knew that if I could reach this little soul I would never let her go until I was sure she was healed. I renamed her Abby and my pack accepted her into the fold. Abby is slowly coming into her own it takes many baby steps and falls along the path but some day she too will take on world and I knew I had to be by her side when she did.


My Hubby (Paul) knew she would be the biggiest challenge of our fostering life and by the time the healing was complete our bond would be unbreakable so he said “Welcome to the Family Abby” and Merry Christmas Honey :-]


Congratulations to this wonderful family and this amazing little dog. A great Christmas Story! Thank you Raye and Paul!

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  1. So wonderful to read a story like this one. I have two puppy mill females and one is still having trouble dealing with the world after four years. She does make little steps though and to me, it feels like she has conquered the world for that moment. I will never give up on her.

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