Petvalue Port Colborne Thanks for Giving event is a hit!

BCFS was so thrilled when Petvalue selected us to be their sponsored rescue for their Thanks for Giving Event for October 2018!

We showed up for the adoption weekend with several animals in tow. Splash made an appearance with her buddy Elsa (who surprised us by being a good goat, maybe not a nice goat, but a good goat).

Adrienna was kind enough to come out and volunteer her time to help wrangle Elsa!


Splash was amazing with her wrangler at her side. Megan did an amazing job speaking to the public about her favourite subject: Splash!


A nice relaxing ride to start the weekend! They look so happy! 
Splash and Megan enjoy trail riding!
Splash and Megan enjoy trail riding!

Roo was at the store too! She’s an eleven year old min pin looking for a quiet loving home. She’s doing great in her foster home. House trained, walks well on a leash and lots of energy! If you’re interested in adopting Roo please fill out an adoption application from our documents and forms page.


Cecil was feeling well enough to come out to the store to thank all the people who donated to help animals. He was a wonderful gentleman!

Cecil lays like this to take pressure off his elbows.
Cecil lays like this to take pressure off his elbows.

Cecil is chilling at the store from the safety of his x-pen. Cecil is not allowed to play, run or roughhouse for another couple of weeks. He was so calm and relaxed.


Special thanks to the volunteers who came out to help! Especially our esteemed organizer Silvana and our new volunteer Kimberly with her daughter Kaiah. You can see Cookie made a cameo appearance and quickly fell asleep. She’s a senior who struggles with chronic ear infections. Also in this picture Cecil and Roo.

Thank you to all our bakers! The bake sale raised  $200!!!! 


Finally a huge thank you to the staff of Petvalue for choosing BCFS and for your kindness and help this past weekend. Karen!!


Thank you to our community for supporting BCFS, so we can continue rescuing one animal at a time! 


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