petal rabbit passed in her sleep

Petal at Peace Over the Rainbow Bridge

The world of animal rescue is full of cheers and tears, this note to our Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary followers is unfortunately about tears. We are saddened to share the news that our little silver bunny Petal has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We never did know how old she was; the vets tell us it is indeed very difficult to accurately determine a rabbit’s age. She came into the BCFS animal foster program in October 2014, by way of Niagara Falls Humane Society at the same time as another pet rabbit named Blossom.  They were welcomed with open arms by the BCFS volunteer foster family, and given special attention and love to recover from their experience bouncing from home to shelter to foster.

Amy tells us that there are some species of farm and companion animals that give almost no warning that they are feeling anything less than perfect. Goats and rabbits are two of them. “When Willow the goat passed, it happened suddenly. One moment she was jumping around and doing goat-like things; then next time we looked her way, she was down.”  The same scenario played out with Petal.

We are so very grateful to the foster family for being there for Petal, for attending to her every need, from providing healthy hay to nibble to her daily playtime romps around the house. She had excellent care throughout her time in foster.

From your friends in Sanctuary, rest in peace over the Rainbow Bridge sweet pretty Petal.

petal passes the rainbow bridge

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