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Pet Animal Reiki Workshop Report – Awesome Success!

We would like to thank the seven wonderful, compassionate Reiki Practitioners who came out to to participate in a Pet/Animal workshop. The world is a better place when people focus on helping to heal animals.

silvana cronier at open house october

Silvana (pictured above with her canine partner Lexi) is a Reiki Master and animal lover who had been contemplating developing and teaching a Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop, but was missing a crucial link: the opportunity to connect with diverse animal energy.

People and Animals coming Together to Help Each Other! 

Last fall Silvana joined the BCFS volunteer team as our Adoptions Coordinator and the farm animal division provided the much needed diversity of animals.

A win-win-win situation!

Silvana achieves her goal of creating and teaching a Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop, which creates more individuals in the world committed to helping heal animals and the BCFS animals get extra Reiki for a day!

 Silvana Explains the Process

Animals are Divine Beings with souls that play a very important part in our lives. Animals will respond to Reiki quicker than people.  This is because they do not have blocks like we do from rigid mindsets. They are able to accept the Reiki energy for what it is without trying to analyze it.   A few examples of how Reiki healing can help animals is with pain relief, minimizing stress caused from changes of ownership or other home circumstances, it helps with grief, and it has been shown to boost the immune system.

The Workshop! 

The morning of the workshop was spent going over the practical part of Pet/Animal Reiki, using the manual I put together as a guide. We also did an exercise of distant Reiki and all the Practitioners did very well with the animal they were assigned.  We then moved on to preparing for the afternoon with the animals at the farm by doing a meditation/self healing session to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s I AM CD.   After lunch we headed to the farm to experience energy from the different animals housed there.

The BCFS Farm 

Each animal accepts Reiki in their own way.  Some enjoy hands-on while others prefer Reiki beamed to them from an a comfortable distance.


Horses are very accepting of Reiki energy and quite enjoy it.   They will quite often accept it hands-on. resized

As seen in the picture above Splash enjoys her hands on healing with Debi and in the picture below she accepts it again from Scherri.   We can definitely see that Splash really enjoys Reiki.


Splash is even accepting of an emotional healing from Scherri. resize9

Gus is not people friendly but readily accepts his Reiki from a comfortable distance. resize5 Even pigs enjoy Reiki energy healing. resize6

Charolette is quite intrigued by Scherri’s energy.

resize7 The ducks were quite surprising.  When we began working on them they did not seem interested. resize3

As the energy continued to flow, one by one they turned towards us and laid down accepting Reiki from a short distance, comfortable and relaxed.


I found teaching this workshop was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next one.  Thank you Beavercreek for allowing me the opportunity to work with the animals.

Guest Writer Debi Dobbin reports the awesome success of the Animal Reiki Workshop lead by Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Silvana Cronier.  Watch BCFS website for more dates to be announced!

Debi Report on Animal Reiki Workshop

I spent May 30, 2015 taking the Animal Reiki course with Silvana Cronier. What an awesome day it was! The morning started at Silvana’s house. I found her to be very patient with a wealth of information.  Both Silvana and her co-instructor  – her dog, Lexi – were very thorough.   Although I have some experience in giving Reiki to dogs, I was pleasantly surprised at how much more I was able to learn.


The class spent the afternoon at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.  It was even more interesting, to say the least.  The practical experience with the farm animals was incredible.  Both Amy and Silvana were right there to help us understand the personalities of the various residents.  Each one received Reiki in a different way.  At the end of the day I not only learned a lot about healing animals, I learned quite a bit about myself, my fears and learning to trust.

volunteer meetup 24 jan 2015

Big old horses, aren’t so scary after all!

Thank you Silvana and Amy and a special thank you to all the animals!           – by Debi Dobbin


Thanks so much to Silvana Cronier, Reiki Master and Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary for your amazing Animal/Pet Reiki workshop! Your hardwork, dedication, and compassion for animals in need is truly all heart! feeling blessed. Colleen Rogers.


animal reiki workshop goat

animal reiki workshop horse

A Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Silvana who donated $400 to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary that will go towards the care and special needs of Splash, our blind pony, who loves the Reiki energy.

An extra special thank you to Debi Dobbin for donating $50 in loving memory of Silvana’s father who passed away a few short weeks ago. The extra will go towards the cost of veterinary care for the recently adopted alpacas.


Read More About the Animals at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary 






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  1. I remember last year when I was unable to attend but now That it is been offered again I’m so excited have an opportunity do attend this workshop on October 15th 2016

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