Peppa the Pig up for Adoption

We thought we had a home for Peppa, but after nearly two months they have yet to pick her up, so we’re left with no choice, but to list her up for  adoption again.


Peppa is a lovely pig. She’s a spayed female, up to date with vaccinations with a cuddly demeanour  and a sense of adventure. She does get into everything, like a very successful reporter.


Headline News: There’s a piece of old carrot in the garbage! It must be eaten! To the garbage can! by Peppa the Pig.

Peppa loves to be groomed and get belly rubs and massages. Here she is in a video with one of our volunteers getting love.

Peppa the Pig getting the love. 

If you’re interested in adopting Peppa she must go to a farm setting with an option for her to live in the barn. It would take a great deal to piggy proof your house against this first class investigator.





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