Peppa Pig–Adopted!

Peppa landed at BCFS in the autumn of 2017: a darling spotted pot belly piggy with a sweet temperament, inquiring mind (and snout) and a healthy appetite for snacks and adventure. Peppa enjoyed her stay at BCFS Hotel and Spa: with her own lovely stall with a view, garden doors, heated floor, piles of hay, squishy bed, plenty of treats, massage, exfoliating brushings and bellyrubs.


Come spring she deigned to mix with the other spa visitors and made many interspecies friendships, but that somePig special was still missing from her otherwise charmed life…


Enter Charlette, and her human mama, Krysia. Charlette had lost her best friend and was broken-hearted. Krysia wanted her dear girl to have a “partner in crime” for daytime adventures and a snuggle buddy for those chilly northern nights.



Lucky Peppa has landed in a lovely rural home, with room to roam on a gorgeous large acreage complete with a beautiful barn, where all the beloved rescued animals are also family. She will have horses, mini horses, a mini donkey and goats for house and pasture mates, as well as lovely Charlette the pig.  Peppa will be loved and treasured and bellyrubbed by her incredibly kind forever mama, and have a bestie in sweet Charlette.



We just love these hap-pig-ly ever afters! 💖🐽🐽💖

Belly Rub Video! 


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