Panchito Update

Originally from Mexico, Panchito was welcomed into the care of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in December 2017. It did not take long before this sweet lad was scooped up by his forever family!


Life for Panchito started a bit rough – he was rescued from the streets of Yucatan, Mexico as a young pup and had to overcome a severe mange infestation and Ehrlichia. However, based on the update we have received from his new family, it seems Panchito’s luck has turned and he is now thriving.


In the words of Panchito’s new mom and dad:

“Things are going great! He’s a very sweet, happy little guy and very smart. He is just a joy and loved by everyone he meets! House training is going very well, he sleeps very well through the night, and he’s already learned to sit after just 3 attempts. He LOVES to play fetch and has discovered the toy box. He takes one, plays with it for 5 or 10 minutes, then goes back for another one until it’s empty. So fun to watch. He’s just been a pleasure since he came home.


I’m glad the cold snap is almost over so he can enjoy being outside more as well. We haven’t been able to take him for a good long walk yet but he seems to be less adverse to cold weather every day. Once it starts getting near or above zero, I think we’ll be able to take him for what will become his daily long walk in the afternoons.

We are starting obedience classes tomorrow, he’s very well behaved and smart, he has picked up on our routine nicely. But he needs some confidence building and leash work, I have no doubt that he will blossom the more we work with him. Also his coat is continuing to grow in,  and although I think the hair follicles have been permanently damaged in some areas, he will be a different looking boy by the summer.


We are thrilled to hear that things are going so well for Panchito and his new family and that he is living the life he deserves!


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  1. We have two Yucatecan rescues and live here too. They are clever, loyal, love people to bits and yet are brilliant guard dogs….Azucar (Sugar) and Panda. Enjoy!

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