Panchito Has Gone to His Forever Home!

Coming all the way from Mexico, Panchito joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in December 2017. Originally rescued from the middle of the road in Yucatan at 5-months-old, this sweet boy has been through a lot in his young life.


After overcoming a severe mange infestation and Erlichia, Panchito made the journey from balmy Mexico to frigid Toronto right before Christmas. Arriving at the Pearson International Airport, this young lad was welcomed with open arms by his new foster mom.


While in foster care, Panchito proved to be sweet, quiet, and submissive. He was a very good boy on his trips to the vet and loved to sit in the front seat of the car. As a mama to two dogs originally from Mexico myself, I can tell you that there is something truly special about these dogs.


After adjusting to life in Canada for a few weeks, Panchito was ready to find his forever home. We are happy to announce that he has now been adopted by a loving couple, Kim and Ken, who live on 4-acres in the country. Kim and Ken have over 25 years of experience adopting rescue dogs and mention that their “lives tend to revolve around their dogs.”


Despite humble beginnings, it seems our pal Panchito will now be living the good life with his new mom and dad. Congratulations to Panchito, Kim, and Ken!

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