Our Dream Bylaw For Animal Sanctuary

When asked to contribute to the Fort Erie Animal bylaw we had to put a great deal of thought and research into the answer. There are a few ideas that are cutting age and a few ideas I wish would happen, but I am not in charge of changing the bylaws. The only people who have that ability are our town councillors and our collective community.

We’re grateful to have been given a voice! 2014 year end

2 thoughts on “Our Dream Bylaw For Animal Sanctuary”

  1. Your Animal Sanctuary and the work done there are blessings to both the animals AND to your COMMUNITY. That some of those for whom that fact SHOULD be obvious are challenging you is a disgrace, and one can only wonder WHOSE best interest they are ‘acting in’. God bless you as you care for His creatures.

  2. Your sanctuary is beyond reproach in practice and plan. i cannot think why there should be any complaint or penalty from the town or city. Being in farm country, as you run your sanctuary, is perfect. It provides huge space, safety for the inhabitants and safe separation from neighbours. Any community supporting a sanctuary such as yours can only rise in public esteem and relations. Animal sanctuaries are organizations that support acts of kindness and responsibility and compassion. (Compared with puppy mills which at best isolate animals and overbreed them and usually treat the animals with great cruelty and no regard for their wellbeing, while they promote overpopulation of pets.) Why attack sanctuaries which todays public find good and worthy of support, yet ignore the cruelty and peril of puppy mills, which are apalling to the majority of our public.

    If BCFS is not allowed to operate in the manner that it has and if any decision works against this sanctuary which model the very best world class standard, then this shall become an even greater call to activism and fight for this sanctuary and all those in our province.

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