Orphaned Kittens: Update

In April 2018, two teeny kittens joined the BCFS foster program after being found motherless and surrendered to the Niagara Falls Humane Society.


It wasn’t long before our orphaned kittens were adopted together by a lovely couple and their Australian Shepherd/Collie mix.


We received an update from the kittens’ new mama:

“The kittens are doing great!! They’ve become very comfortable in our home :) We ended up getting their names from all those toes!
The boy is now Knuckles, and the girl is now Mickey (after Mickey Mantle — his number was 7 and she has 7 toes on each front paw)

They haven’t had any accidents, and have used the litter every time, are eating well and always exploring!They’ve had their first vet visit and first shots. The vet said everything looks good with them both, and they’re the right size for their (approximate) age.


They’re doing very well with all of the new things they come across, like the vacuum and dishwasher – so many noises! They love to watch the dog outside and play with him through the glass. They love to take all of the dog’s beds – the one in the living room while we’re watching tv as well as the one in the bedroom while we’re sleeping.


They love to run around the whole house, they get a great game of chase going from the basement all the way upstairs.They love their cat tree! They love to climb it, play in it and sleep in it. It serves as great protection and safety for when they don’t want the dog to bother them — it took them about a week to be comfortable with climbing to the top, but they can do it in seconds now! If we ever can’t find them anywhere in the house, they’re usually cuddled up in the very top of the cat tree, completely out of sight.


They get excited when they hear the door open and run to see who’s coming in. They’re socialized very well, they are great at cuddling with anyone who picks them up! We’ve even had our friends dogs over, and they love them too!

We honestly can’t get enough of them, and we’re so thankful that you chose us to be their parents! We can’t wait to keep watching them grow and continue to love them!”

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