Summer Open House at Beaver Creek

We’re gearing up for our open house on Aug 9 starting at 2pm and running straight through till Aug 10 at 6pm.

We are welcoming kids, pets and camping. We ask that people bring a donation of pet food, dish to share or something to sell at our garage sale.

We have a couple of bikes donated as well as a gift certificate from Dave McMahon’s Training Academy.

After much discussion we have decided to rent a bouncy castle for the weekend and make our own red neck splash pad with a sprinkler in the middle for the kids.

There will be some demonstrations on Saturday afternoon to enjoy. Friends are bringing a pair of curly ponies that will be pulling a cart and a giant donkey will be visiting for the day.

I hope this event is fun for everyone and we’ve got our fingers crossed for a good turn out.

Please keep the date in mind and don’t forget your kids and pets!


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