One Week Anniversary!

September 25, 2010
Just for the record: I was having a nap at four o’clock today, exactly one week ago when we were married. Wow. Married. Do all newly married folks wake up in the morning and go… “holy crap. We’re married?” I still do. Given my occupation, I’m eternally grateful to be surprised and extra happy that Brent is the dude who can still shock.
We woke surprised because we thought it was still raining, but the sun was shining through a perfect blue sky. We expected rain. We were told there might be some lingering showers, but it was not meant to be in the little valley of Greenbo, Kentucky.
We rose and drank coffee with baileys excited about the day’s adventures. First order was a good kayak. We took all three puppies and started paddling towards the lodge four and a half miles uphill if you went by foot or car. Much shorter by water.
Gizmo found a great spot inside the kayak and out of the sun with the cool plastic on his belly, while Taz sat on the top of the kayak barking at the hikers along the water’s edge. Poco sat in his captain’s position with Brent. Excellent.
It took us an hour to paddle to the lodge and then we hiked around the lodge. We found the pool – empty. We found the waterside – dry. We continued our trek until we came to an empty parking lot protected by a pair of white ducks. I hope Mr & Mr Smith are doing well.
We had an hour paddle back and were encouraged by our hunger as breakfast was ages ago. Back at the trailer we ate sausage, potatoes with carrots and green pepper. Brent had to have a couple of melty cheese sandwiches to really fill up after the bowl of sausage. A short nap later and we decided to go for a hike.
We thought a short hike after kayaking would do nicely. We left the campsite before five in the afternoon and two hours later found ourselves lost in Greenbo State Park somewhere in the hills of the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky.
We worried a little as the sun began to set and the dogs walked slower and slower. We ended up carrying Taz and Gizmo at times during the heavy uphill climbs. We didn’t intend to hike so far, but we were talking and got lost. No map. No GPS. No nothing.
At one point Brent said “you have to get lost to find yourself sometimes.” I don’t disagree, but I didn’t feel particularly lost at this point in my life. I don’t think he appreciated my sentiment.
We had a few bottles of water and some apples. The dogs had food and the desire to run. The first two hours were incredibly beautiful, but nearing the sun setting and the trails getting dark we were getting nervous.
We managed to find our way back to camp just before eight in the evening. Tired and hungry we fell upon a package of hot dogs and destroyed it. The veggies and some fruit were our next victims until we felt mildly satisfied.
A little campfire talk later and we were headed for the public showers. Brent should be back soon and it’s time I finished my third glass of wine.
What a busy day and still waiting for the chocolate cake. Our biggest decision is whether to stay another day in Kentucky or head to West Virginia for some Smokey Mountains??
The dogs are out cold. Their little legs aren’t even running in sleep because they ran too much on our hike. Taz only fell off the kayak once today… kayaking can be dangerous.
It did cool down to eighty-five today. Last night we slept with the air conditioning and tonight we have a little heater going. Life changes so quickly.

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