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Old Dog Abandoned for New Puppy – A Frustrated Rescuer’s Plea

Even the most balanced of dog rescuers get frustrated sometimes. Especially in the face of certain circumstances. This particular circumstance happens too frequently.  It moves me to enough to want to write a plea to the types of family that abandon old dogs for a new puppy. Please share to help change the fate of the next old dog!

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Dear Family,

Not quite a year ago you surrendered your old dog to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary with tears in your eyes and sadness in your heart. Your old dog needed a lot of work.  Even with our careful nurturing, we could not repair the damage done by then.

Your old dog is still with us, but at great financial and emotional cost. She is happier and healthier than when she came into our care. She’s more joyful than ever, but her body is ravaged from neglect.

New Puppy Take Heed

Dear Family, we saw you over the weekend out with your new puppy. We saw you playing with the new dog like a child with the best present on Christmas morning.  Last year’s present is sitting in a box somewhere unloved and neglected. We see the puppy’s future and know its bleak.

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When An Old Dog Abandoned

Animals are not toys. They aren’t fads. They aren’t a commodity. They are neither possessions, nor property. They are living things. They have feelings. They feel loss, grief, sadness, joy, love and peace.


Dogs only want your love. Dogs only want you to be happy – and happy all the time. They want your smiles, hugs and kisses, not just for themselves but for their whole family to share. They are happy when you are happy. Once a dog loves you, they love you for life.

Somedays its so difficult to be optimistic when Beaver Creek Famr Sanctuary resources are stretched to the max in order to be able to care for your old dog, even while you fill your home with a new puppy.  The lack of responsibility for the creatures that love you is hard to witness.

shipoo permanent foster

Old dogs are valuable. Old dogs need extra love, time and care. Old dogs deserve better than what you’ve done with the old abandoned dog now living with us. I can only hope you will re-consider your actions and truly care for your new dog until the end of their days.

Yours with eternal optimism,

Your Dedicated Old Dog Rescuer



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