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Awesome Senior Dogs! Gus

Don’t miss out on the great stories and wonderful joys of seniors.

Lets start with our patriarch Gus

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Gus nov

It will be four years ago that old man Gus crossed our threshold and became an intriguing part of our lives.

He was ten years old and was given last rites by every vet we took him to – advising us to not waste our money, and keep him comfortable in the spring of 2012.

gus porch

He has cancer and heartworm. Nobody would risk treating the old guy, so we started our own brand of treatment and love.

As his facial and ear abscesses began to heal he began to lose his wariness. As we cut the matted fur away from his infected skin he turned and licked our hands. As we used bolt cutters to remove the embedded chain from his neck he wagged his tail.

This dog has spirit.

Gus winter

As the days passed it became clear Gus wasn’t ready to give up on life. He was ready to fight. As a year passed and he went from yellow to white with health we tested him for heartworm – still positive. No matter.


Gus wormed his way into our hearts and became a subject of great following in the BCFS world.


He survived big surgeries and today is still thriving. Gus, our old man and protector of BCFS will be turning fourteen in the Spring of 2016.


Gus will be here – for something nobody thought he’d see – the grand Opening of our new facility! His stall is the last one on the end.

1north doors

Some animals come into our life with a purpose, and Gus is one such animal. He’s our biggest BCFS supporter and helps will the rescue dogs that come into our Foster Care Program.


The only regret we have about Gus is that we didn’t get to take him in sooner…. A special place in our hearts, our lives and our vision.

old dog abandoned

Thank you Gus for guiding us, inspiring us and loving us back. 

gus face



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