Northern Pup Takota (formerly Lemon) Update!

Remember the eight Husky/Lab/Shepherd puppies BCFS rescued in November, 2017 from the far north of Ontario?

This epic rescue involved flying them partway, then a 40-hour round trip drive for the amazing volunteer “C” who weathered a snowstorm to bring the pups safely to BCFS.

Takota was one of those lucky puppies, and we initially named him Lemon.


We knew he was a special boy who’d need a special home. All the puppies were in high demand and quickly found loving homes. Takota was just a wee fluffball on his adoption day.
lemon-nowTakotaHis new family was thrilled with him and sent happy updates expressing how well this laid-back boy fit in with their family, including their dog Maizy and cat Taz.


Mom Cindy sends us this wonderful new update and photos:

A great update… When we renamed Lemon “Takota”, I chose the name as it means “friend to all “in the translation I found. Now after almost one year with us, it is soooo appropriate! Takota is the happiest animal I have ever been blessed to encounter, and everyone.. from neighbors, to repairmen, to the vets and technicians there, to the puppy play center he goes to on Tuesdays, love him.

takotaupdateoctober2018cropsharpMy, how you’ve grown, Takota!

He always has that huge tail wagging and thinks everyone and everything is wonderful. He and Maizy are quite a pair and he now can keep up with her when they play.. though he is only 50 pounds to her 80.

He has learned to quietly creep onto the bed after we fall asleep and manages to worm his way in between Ed and I, but if he sleeps with us he sleeps in till almost 6 am so I usually pretend not to notice.

He eats everything and anything – from stray cat poop, tree leaves, weeds, and clumps of mowed grass….goose poop is apparently quite a delicacy as walking through the goose field and road is like walking through a mine field. He loves to swim , he runs more like a horse – both front legs forward at the same time, and he still manages to get under the bed o sleep with the cat in he mornings.. then we have to work on getting him to crawl out as it is a tight squeeze. Not the brightest in the pack, but definitely the sweetest.


Thank you again for going out on a limb and letting us adopt him. I am sending some photos – the one in the car baffles me – he has the entire back but this is how he always sits when we are driving anywhere. Best Wishes, Cindy

Thank you, Cindy, for your wonderful update and for loving this sweet boy! We’re happy and gratified to know Takota has such a caring family, friends and good life now.

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