Northern husky, lab, shep mix 8 weeks old

Coming by plane and automobile the puppies made their way from the very far Northern  Ontario thanks to help from a large group of incredibly dedicated women that we had the pleasure of working with over several days. We can’t thank them enough…

We coordinated, begged and borrowed to get these puppies south. We got them to Dryden, ON  and then got a bit stuck.

puppy faces
BCFS is so lucky to have had a volunteer drive the forty hour round trip transport to bring all the puppies to Southern Ontario! We can’t thank this dedicated, brave, bright and amazing woman who made the trip with all the puppies on her own. Thank you “C” you are amazing.

The puppies arrived through a snow storm into clear cool skies of Southern Ontario on November 12, 2017 in the late evening. They were thirsty, tired and hungry. They snacked lightly, drank deeply and fell into a lovely sleep.


It’s tough to be around puppies and not laugh out loud at their antics. They dance like nobody’s watching. They play with abandon. They are  a blank slate.

These puppies will get big and they will require lots of exercise. They are smart, almost too smart, because smart is what is needed to survive in the north. They are people oriented and if raised with love, discipline and exercise they are incredible dogs.

Please let us introduce the group!

Scarlett – Black and Tan Female 

A delicate little girl who is friendly and playful, just like a southern belle. She’s generally the last one asleep and the first one awake in the morning.


Brute – Blonde Male 

He’s just like his name. A big solid Brute. His surprise tactic when playing with his siblings is to sit on them. He usually wins. He’s a fairly laid back dog who loves his naps.


Goldie – Blonde Female

A lovely relaxed girl who is independent and loving. She’s usually the first asleep and the last to wake up. She and her brother Brute are the two most laid back puppies.


Aqua – black and Tan Male – Adopted 

A lovely boy with an engine that won’t quit. He loves to play and has lots of energy to keep up with a young family. He’s got a great mask, lovely colouring and big paws.

76C34713-763C-4FB4-AE61-8BFE051B1824Lemon – black and tan male – Adopted

A young fiesty boy who never gives up and this is extra important because Lemon is visually impaired.  We aren’t sure if something happened to Lemon or if he was born this way, but he manages very well. Lemon will need a very loving and patient home.


Cecil – black and tan male – ADOPTED 

What can we say about Cecil? People would call him a Runt. He’s a quarter the size of his siblings and came in sick. Very sick. He had multiple seizures, dehydration and exhaustion. We took Cecil to the vet and had him stay for the day to get IV fluids and antibiotics. He’s doing so much better. Our hero “C” would like to make Cecil her own, so sweet little underweight and visually impaired Cecil is going to live with a hero, putting “C” in a whole new class of heroes.


Red – Blonde female – Adopted

The second of three females in this group, she is also a fine boned beauty. Her blonde colouring and sparkling eyes begs for cuddles, but she’s a bit of a firecracker too. She’s just starting to get a black strip of hair down her back. We’re curious to see how she’ll turn out!

6F15A16F-DB3B-4A5B-A013-546F94B88FFFJeffery – Black and tan Male – Adopted

Jeffery is a beautiful boy who loves to sit beside you and soak in your affection. He’ll play, but mostly he’d rather hang with people. He’s a lover not a fighter. Very sweet young man.


15 thoughts on “Northern husky, lab, shep mix 8 weeks old”

  1. We are interested in one of the dogs. Specifically Brute or Goldie. Not sure how the process works. We are also in Wainfleet. 905 658-1138

  2. Hi, I’m interested and just sent in my application for Brute, Jeffery or Lemon. We are interested in a male puppy but could possibly be swayed into a female.

  3. I filled out an application already but though I put Goldie and red , I would be interested in brute or Lemon if after checking my application you think either of them would fit with my husky/Pyrenees. Calmer may be better with her . Crossing my fingers!!!!

  4. I’m falling in love with these pups and their story of struggle and triumph. Thank you for what you have done. I have 4 children (ages 6 – 14) starting our search for our first furry friend and curious about these pups. Are they ideal for a first time owner?

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