Northern Family Update: Buddy Six Months Later

As often happens in a small town I ran into the lovely family who adopted Boston a shep cross puppy who had come down from Northern Ontario (polar bear country) last August 2014. He weighed 20 pounds and was estimated at 3 months old.

boston puppy

I couldn’t believe my eyes when looking at the gorgeous adolecent pup.  He was stunning and sweet – just like his family. In this March 2015 picture we believe he is ten months and weighs 71 pounds!

boston 10 months

They had done a lot of training and were beginning to do agility with him starting this spring when the snow melts. He was more than a dog, he was a member of the family. My heart swelled and melted.

Boston was the sole surviving puppy who came to BCFS with his mom and dad to seek refuge, medical care and a loving forever home.

I had to share as quickly as possible with BCFS friends, so I posted a before and after picture of Boston on the BCFS facebook page.  Not surprising the family that adopted Buddy (Boston’s suspected daddy) contacted me and send pictures and an update.


With the family’s permission I’d like to share that message with you:

Hello Amy,

Tonight I saw a photo update of Boston on your facebook page, and it prompted me to write to you and give you another little update on Buddy.

In some ways, there is not much new to say about Buddy. He is still as laid back and chill as ever. He spends a lot of his days napping away and asks so little of us. He is just so easy to love.

The biggest change in him that I have noticed since the New Year is how he has shown his bond to us. You can tell his trust has grown and he knows that he is home to stay. He now actively seeks out affection from us. We never really wanted dogs on the sofa, but when Buddy comes and puts his paws up and asks for some loving, neither one of us has the heart to deny him. Since he asks so little of us, we are happy to indulge him. He doesn’t seem to seek out affection from his younger Labbie sister, although he tolerates it when she does so with him.

Because he remains so laid back, we find it comical to see him get excited about his meals and his walks. He knows instinctively what time dinner should be served, and he does a crooked little wiggle with his body and barks with great persuasion to show excitement. As this is the only time we ever hear him bark, we can’t help but laugh to see him show such enthusiasm. He is a joy to take out as he walks so well on a leash, and can go long distances despite the disability of his arthritic leg.

We were having some issues with him peeing in the basement at first. This is improving a lot, although we do not yet trust him down there unsupervised. I have been feeding the dogs downstairs just so he gets used to being down there regularly. For the most part we just keep him upstairs with us and the problem takes care of itself.

He is much the same as ever, but a little more comfortable and happy, and a few more white hairs than when we first brought him home. His true age remains a mystery to me.


Just to explain the pics I am including for you… There is a pic of him laying on the kitchen floor on what we called his “Poor Boy Bed”. Our resourceful hobo dawgie made a bed out of a cardboard box and a grocery bag full of papers for shredding. It made me wonder what he used as a nest in Pikangikum!


In another pic you see him sitting on Roger’s lap as though he were a kitty. He and Roger have a special bond and truly are buddies! There is a pic with him laying his head on my lap and staring up at me and one with his sister Samantha.

buddy withlab

 I will continue to keep in touch and send updates when I can. Thanks again for everything and if you can, please share these pics with his northern rescuer. I would love for her to see how well he is doing and how grateful we are.

Best wishes

This is one of the many reasons we do what we do and why we try to help as many animals as we can as we travel through life.

Buddy’s story is one of torture and pain, but he never gave up on life or on his people. You are welcome to read the Northern Dogs story posted on this website.






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