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Northern Dog Buddy, Three for Three Now in Furever Homes!

Its a winning trifecta! Our third of three Northern Dogs, papa Buddy is now in his furever home! And he could not have a more wonderful family to call his own. The family traveled a long way, and even stayed overnight close by, to be fully prepared to make the final step in adopting Buddy, and it was an investment that by all accounts, is off to an excellent start.

northern dog adopted Buddy

Northern Dog Buddy Adopted

Can we call it love at first sight? In doggy terms, we’d have to do just that. Buddy and his new furever sister pup Samantha were side by side, jump for jump, smile for smile pretty much from the get go with Lisa and Roger beaming from the sidelines. Buddy and Roger were particularly close -looks like Roger may have one of the most contented fishing “buddy’s” for life!

With many thanks to the entire community that allows us to match rescued dogs in need with the most perfect families for them.  We could not do it without the support of our volunteers, donors, sponsors and family.

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  1. I love coming home to good news like this! Be well happy Buddy! And may you always have an abundance of love, kindness and joy in your life!

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