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Nobody’s Dog: A Blind Shih Tzu

The blind starving  shih tzu was found wandering the streets and after five days in the shelter, nobody came to claim her, so ….

…She became nobody’s dog. Unwanted. Unloved.

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She’s alone, afraid and injured.

Thankfully, the shelter staff thought BCFS might be a good place for this nameless and abandoned wee pup to go for help.

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Suddenly, this frail black and white shih tzu became a BCFS dog. She had a human and canine family who loved her. The love came quickly, but the healing of her body, mind and spirit would take much longer.

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We loved her when she smelled terrible from a massive ear infection and was stained with filth. We loved her when she was covered in fleas and had gone blind. We loved her when she peed and didn’t realize it – shirts can be washed.

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We love her now and always.

Tashi has a name now. A name and a family. Tashi needs plenty of vet care including dental surgery and spay. Tashi needs to be vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped, so she never becomes lost again. Tashi is at least 12 years old, perhaps even older and its very evident that she’s had many litters of pups.

tashi at the barn

Tashi was assessed to have a shattered jaw and requires special food to eat. Her teeth had to be removed from her broken jaw due to the massive infections and tooth abscesses. Her tiny jaw would not heal as the infection spread to the bone. Our vet described Tashi’s lower jaw as “a bag of rocks”.

We were struggling with how to make sure she could eat when we thought of using the Loving Bowls donated by the same-name company last year. Click on the link at for more information:  www.thelovingbowl.com

Tashi Loving BowlThe only way Tashi can eat is with the help of the Loving Bowl.

Tashi is left with 11 teeth (dogs start with 44) and was bleeding from her mouth for days after the surgery with little drops of blood spreading across the kitchen floor. After a particularly bad episode of bleeding Brent was holding her in his arms with a cold cloth to her jaw when Tashi started to shake.

I ran to his side and we put Tashi on the ground as she had a seizure. We held our breath, until she took a breath, after the seizure ended. I was on the phone to the vet and he reassured me that it was likely a pre-existing seizure disorder and was probably related to all the medications she’d been given for the surgery.

We brought Tashi’s bed up to our bedroom that night and watched her sleep. At 4am she stirred and started to pace the unfamiliar room.

I picked her up and took her outside for a potty break. She had a long pee and we went back into the house and straight to the water bowl where Tashi did her best to get sips of water into her mouth with the pain of a broken jaw.

tashi looking outside

Please consider donating to Tashi’s vet care and let her know that she is part of your family too.

tashi close up

Tashi is horribly thin, but will be eating well tonight and for all the nights that follow. With your support we will continue to save dogs like Tashi.

tashi outside

Tashi is a kind and generous soul and provided comfort and love to a partially  paralyzed kitten named Roo Tippa, as they both made incredibly recoveries.

roo and tashi

Please watch a special Video about Nobody’s Dogs written and read by Amy – BCFS’s founder.

(click on link above for video)

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  1. I can’t even describe my emotions upon reading this story and watching the video. Everyone involved in this rescue are truly a Godsend to the animals placed in your care!

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