Night Shift

It’s 630 am and I’m just home from a night shift. The dogs are fed and I’ve just had a tasty turkey sandwich for breakfast with two cookies. There are a handful of benefits to working nights and eating cookies for breakfast is one of them.

The house is pleasantly quiet and the dogs are sleeping in their most favorite beds. The dishwasher is humming and the kitchen is clean. The farm seems quite peaceful this morning.

The drive home was uneventful and it’s one of those overcast mornings that’s great for sleeping. I’m about to go up and crawl into bed knowing everyone else is getting up to start their day. There is some comfort in crawling into bed in the morning and napping guilt-free until noon.

I think Taz stays up most of the night on her watchdog bed waiting for me, because she loves to nap all morning. She’ll curl up beside me and start snoring before I’ve had the chance to close my eyes. Belly up and totally relaxed she snuggles into the blankets and gives her therapeutic doggie sigh before she closes her eyes and nods off.

Poco curls up on my feet and seems asleep immediately. He usually falls asleep nose to tail and only relaxes once he’s really out. He slowly unwinds and expands until he’s laying along my leg snoring. He’s acutely aware of everything, but puts his army training on hold for a few hours of morning naps.

Gizmo never really woke up in the morning, so his nighttime napping and his morning nap would simply expand until noon. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know how his bladder wouldn’t burst. Even at noon I’d have to wake him up and carrying him down the stairs with his tail wagging making his little old man noises. I’d put him the grass and he’d give me a look like I was crazy and promptly pee on the flagstone patio.

Shift work is hard on the body and the mind, but I do see the benefits when chocolate can be had for breakfast and the calories don’t count. It’s getting to be full light, so it’s time for me to go hide under my blankets and wait for lunch. I think beer for lunch?

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