Niagara Glen

I went hiking in the Niagara Glen today with a good friend, my three dogs and her lovely yellow lab. We traveled over rough stone and rock, up and down difficult paths along one of the most picturesque spots in all of the Niagara Region.

It’s a tough haul for the little guys with big boulders to traverse and sharp rocks to avoid. A little dip into the swirling waters could end in disaster if you’re under ten pounds.

Poco and Taz took the challenge like champs and only required bits of help to jump up onto big rocks and climb the stairs where the gap in the grates was bigger than their little paws.

Jackson needed a bit more help. We were about three quarters of the way through when I looked back and he was standing in the middle of the trail swaying a bit with tail down and tongue lolling. I walked back and picked up the little bag of bones and carried him to our next rest stop. He’s very soft and a little fleshy, but easy to tuck under my arm and carry.

We kept up a good pace and only stopped briefly for water or to go back and get Jax. When the cool breeze would blow off the swirling water everyone was relieved. Which is an incredible shock for March.



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