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News from Bailey, an Adopted Shih Tzu Happy Tail

News from Bailey, our adopted Shih Tzu make any day that much brighter! Many thanks to adopter Judy G for sending in this Happy Tail update!

Bailey Adopted Shih TzuBailey’s a beautiful little dog who was just waiting for his very own special family and it’s so nice to have him here with us …

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Happy Tail News from Bailey’s Furever Family

He’s doing really well and settling in nicely. Your advice was right, thank you – to not overwhelm him at first and just let him come to us.  In the afternoon of his first day here, my husband Jerry was watching TV in our living room, and Bailey jumped up with his front paws on Jerry’s knee, wanting to come up.  I picked him up and set him on the couch, and he enjoyed sitting on Jerry’s lap and being petted.

On Day 2, he almost completely stopped growling at me, except when I put his harness on to go out. He enjoyed his walks but we’ll be varying his route to avoid the heavy salt on the sidewalks of our streets, it may have irritated his feet.  He was licking his feet a lot afterwards.  But he’s getting used to having his winter coat put on him.  He does growl with that, and attaching and removing his harness, but stops as soon as we’re finished.  He’s a funny boy.  :)

We’re continuing to feed him CaniSource dog food, and Lori and I are alternating feeding him.  Your idea of using a piece or two of his kibble as treats, then deducting it from his meal portions is working. We give him a piece or two when he comes in after doing his business.  In the backyard, Bailey likes sniffing the bunny tracks in the snow.

Bailey seems to really enjoy our quiet lifestyle, and he’s very relaxed around us.  He’ll jump up with his paws on our knees to be petted, and likes to vary where he is – he’ll alternate spending time on the rugs by me, Jerry and Lori.  He dozed off for 45 minutes on my lap this evening.  And he loves his bed and blanket!  He sleeps in it the entire night until morning.  We’re attaching a new photo Lori took last evening of Bailey cuddled up in his bed.

He doesn’t play with his new toys too much, and when we throw them for him, he’s only interested in playing for a minute or two, then loses interest.

Bailey is really observant of everything we do!  He waits at the top of the stairs if we’re in the basement doing laundry, follows us around and is always watching what we’re doing.  He talks a lot and gets excited when we reply to him in the same tone!  I think he’s really enjoying being here.

Bailey’s a beautiful little dog who was just waiting for his very own special family and it’s so nice to have him here with us.

Judy G
Adopted Senior Shih Tzu

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