New Years Eve 2012

This year we were invited to a wedding for New Years Eve. We don’t usually make plans for New Years because we like to spend it at home with the puppies, but the wedding sounded like such fun. Last year we threw a small party at the farm.

Friends and family gathered on New Year’s Eve and romance was heavy in the air as we watched Nick and Miranda tie the knot. Love was the decided theme for 2012.

Brent and I held hands during the service reminded of our wedding just over a year ago. We shared smiles and giggles with the bride and groom.

Afterward we gathered at the hall to enjoy a delicious dinner listening to speeches filled with thank yous and promises for a bright future.

The music started and I was in the dancing mood. With my comfortable dancing boots already on I hit the floor with my cousin H.R. – a self proclaimed dancing fool.

We were having a blast when my dad decided to join in a dance and Brent was quick enough to catch my dad and I on video.

What a blast. We rang in 2012 surrounded by family and friends. Perhaps there is hope for 2012 since love is in the air and the Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs.



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