NEW Volunteer Rules!!

Most rules stem from experience and our rules for BCFS volunteers are no exception. We’ve learned our lessons and now we need to set a standard and a guideline that volunteers will be expected to follow.

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Volunteer Training 

To Volunteer with BCFS you must complete our training course and to become a foster home with BCFS you must complete both our volunteer and foster home courses.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Meetup Report Jan 2015

Expectations and goals will be clearly outlined. Paperwork will be filled out, signed and explained. In mid 2016 we will be running these courses as needed, likely on a monthly bases. Please check the website for dates and times of the courses.

The Board of Directors

Our bylaws are not up for debate. We are run by a board of directors and all decisions will go through our board. The decisions of the board are final and non-negotiable.

Student Hours

You must be at least 14 to volunteer with BCFS.

If you chose to work at BCFS for your student hours you must complete the volunteer training course.

Come to BCFS prepared to work hard and get dirty. If you have an aversion to either labour or dirt please chose another venue to volunteer.

muddy boots

No. You will not be permitted to ride horses on your first day. Yes, you will be expected to clean stalls and interact with the animals on your first day.

Put your cell phone away. If you want to play on your phone: stay home. You will be asked to leave if we see you on your phone repeatedly.


Respect our rules. They have been created firstly for the safety of the animals and secondly for the safety of our volunteers.

Animals can be unpredictable, so you need to maintain a healthy respect and focus on your task while working with them.

volunteer meetup
Gus the Hungarian Sheepdog makes a new friend!

Running, loud and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated – you will be asked to leave and you will not be welcome back.

amy horsetrailer

We are a fun loving group of animals lovers who want to keep the rescue about: Helping Animals…  and sometimes that means shoveling manure.

volunteer meetup report Jan
Meetup muckin’ – everybody can do it!


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  1. I am a life long animal lover and would like to offer my time with your organization. I would be happy to complete the courses you have mentioned. If convenient, I would appreciate coming to see you facility and see you in person

    Thank you

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