New Harassment from the Fort Erie SPCA

Yes, they managed to shut us down until we can change the bylaws.

Yes, they have been harassing us since 2012.

Yes, we have continued to fight to help animals, but we are not alone! We are strong.


Animal rescue takes it tole on your heart, your mind and your body. I am willing to sacrifice all those things if it means helping an animal in need. I am willing to fight for those lost souls and bring them home. I will wage war on those who would hurt animals. I am a fighter.


But, our latest enemy is one I’d like to friend. Our latest battle wages  not in the trenches of animal rescue, but with another registered charity.


All the studies show to save animals rescues and SPCAs need to work together to save souls, but the Fort Erie SPCA does not want to be our friend. We share the same goals — to help animals, but they focus so much attention on me personally and “my rescue” trying to not only shut me down, but drive me out of the town of Fort Erie.

Below is the latest letter from the FE SPCA trying to drive me out of town. Like the emotional strain of holding the head of a dying dog isn’t challenge enough, they are forcing me to walk away to let the dog die alone, unloved and forgotten.

FE SPCA Letter

FE SPCA letter June 2015

I will fight this latest attack with lawyers. I will fight with tooth and nail to keep Beaver Creek alive, because if we die than they all die alone.


If you want a little reminder of what we do, please, I insist you watch Nobody’s Dog, because we are the last line of defense.

Nobody’s Dog

Don’t tell me you can’t watch it. Watch it and remember everything that we do here at BCFS. We make a difference. Below is Mandy — from Lebanon — now in a loving forever home thanks to BCFS.

mandy in lebanon

Mandy today, thanks to rescues working together.

mandy lebanon pup

29 thoughts on “New Harassment from the Fort Erie SPCA”

  1. The Fort Erie SPCA CLEARLYdoes not care about the animals!!! For some reason they feel threatened by BCFS and all the good you do for the poor little animals that need to be saved!! It is completely disgusting. I hope that no one supports the FE SPCA!! Shame on you!!

  2. I am so sick of this power hungry SPCA. We need to shut them down. Them who would rather euthanize than home dogs. We need change. They strut around in their flack jackets cause omg they protection from being shot ….by what? They have this holier than though attitude. For God sake rather than harassing BCFS start working with them. I will never donate, volunteer or support the Fort Erie SPCA ever again

    1. S.P.C.A
      they came to the rescue of the abominal Sky? Vet…( who was shown to have disgustinly treated animals in his care)…they dropped all charges against him.. I go to the A&W next door to this pathetic clinic .. luckily.. he dos’nt have customers anymore.. they have more sense. than the so called animal protection S.P.C.A….but he remains OPEN for business…. he parks two cars in his lot .to deceive the public…thank G-d nobody goes there..Keep up the good work
      and yes the licenses are uncalled for.. I pay the taxes on my property. .that my dog is in…

  3. I am just so sad and angry reading the letter you just received from the FE SPCA. I too have always supported them but no longer.

    This just breaks my heart with all the amazing work you do. What can animal lovers do to help? There must be something!

    1. I will no longer support the Alberta SPCA in county if Lamont!!! They target the older folks and try and take from u, horses that they want but aren’t starving… they pull this bullshit all the time and it’s one in particular a female officer w a holier then thou additude… this harassment needs to stop… they r worse then kill buyers

  4. This is a colossal embarrassment to Fort Erie SPCA. Shame on them. I have visited Beaver Creek several times and the animals I have seen are fit, loved and well cared for. Who pays the SPCA salaries? Time for whoever does to look into this in great detail. If it is tax dollars it is not well spent. Are they jealous of this well run sanctuary?

  5. This is ridiculous. The Spca should focus on animals and the people who abuse and neglect them. Not spend resources trying to monopolize and profit like a greedy corporation. I’ve dealt with different spca outlets in the region, and I must say that in comparison Fort Erie cares the least about rehoming animals. What makes the other shelters better is their willingness to network and work with other organizations towards the same goal – helping rehabilitate and rehome as many pets as they can. It’s also great knowing they are no kill shelters. They have teamed up with some big names to provide very inexpensive spay/neuter options. They do way more for animals than just responding to complaints and slapping fines and extra fees on people.

  6. I feel shame, embarassment and cowardess on behalf of the Fort Erie Humane Society. The work that Amy Brent and all her VOLUNTEERS do is amazing! I know for a fact the humane society puts animals down, daily, yet they appear to refuse to work with a group that works tirelessly and finds homes for the animals. Is it not time to put aside the petty “power control” the humane society is showing and GROW UP and work with this wonderful group.

    1. Lynne , I have been a volunteer Walker for six years at the FESPCA, now I will not go into the business of it, but to say they put down animals everyday is the bigest lie ever told and to say you know it for a fact? Goddamn shame hopefully comes you way. I’ve seen two mercy kills in six years. Please don’t lie anymore for sympathy.

  7. that is the problem with these “corporate type” empires….the good they once did back in the day, gets taken over by greed and beaurocracy. They have grown beyond the good they used to do and any funds they do generate, I think we would be appalled at how much REALLY goes to the animals.

  8. Why do you have to be such a drama queen. Where does it mention shutting you down! They don’t talk about forcing you to move or even suggest it. If BCFS is shut down its because you didn’t pay for your kennel license renewal. FEHS are doing their job. As a sanctuary you should appreciate that.

    All they are asking is you get licenses for your 3 dogs. What the hell is so unreasonable about that. Its the law and you are not above it no matter how much you do for animals.
    I was a big supporter of BCFS but these dramatics go beyond the pale. You take something and turn it into something it is not. Leaves one to wonder what part of your stories are true and what are your imagination. I don’t understand why you do this? Are you trying to manipulate people to send money and support you? I don’t get it. Why bring trouble on yourself when there isn’t any.

    1. I am not permitted to have a kennel license as I am not a kennel. I am a registered charity animal rescue an according to the Fort Erie Animal Bylaws I do not qualify for a kennel license because I do not breed dogs and I do not profit off their offspring. I do have a license for my three dogs and I did everything the FE SPCA asked me to do when Mark Dickson served me with a ticket for not having licenses. He asked me to have Wainfleet fax my dog licenses to the FE SPCA, which I did the same day. I followed that up with a phone call to the FE SPCA the next day to see if I needed to do anything further regarding this matter. I was advised it was resolved. I don’t want drama. I want to help animals. I want a relationship with the local SPCA to help other animals. I’m not trying to take money or trick folks into supporting BCFS. Support whoever you want as long as you want to help animals. BCFS has a great relationship with several SPCAs and Human Societies. I only wish we could find some common ground in Fort Erie. The last time we met with Wendy she advised me the what would make her happy is if BCFS moved out of Fort Erie. That doesn’t exactly sing with support does it?

    2. Just shut up, my friend worked at the SPCA and told me horrible things. And these people are trying to save our furry friends an companions from being sent to the kill shelter know as the fort Erie SPCA . I’ve also been harassed by them constantly proving them wrong and going above them to prove my point.

  9. I stopped supporting the FESPCA a very long time ago. I had my reasons and now WE have reason. This a total shame that a local woman who has gone over and above the requirements in this town to maintain a sanctuary for our furry friends that are in need of a home only to be harassed yet again by the SPCA. Amy should not have to defend herself, her animals and her reputation in this way. Shame on you Robyn Voyce. You call yourself a protector? You are trying to intimidate!

  10. Keep up the good fight Amy!!
    Ive had my own issues with FE SPCA ..
    most of the ppl working there are arrogant sob’s. Wouldnt know a dog from a cow.
    Im thinking that maybe the ppl who support you n your cause should start a campaign against the SPCA!

  11. I would like to suggest that when there contract up we petition for beaver creek to get the license to run the SPCA. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THEM AGAIN.

  12. I don’t think the SPCA should be closed down but a whole entire new staff should be highly recommended! They should have a registered vet on sight everyday , caring and compassionate people who will fight for the lives of our fury loved ones and abolish killing animals because they do not have the room, I call BS on that, so many people donate every year to the shelter they could save some money and expand the shelter or open another one! Also I don’t think this letter proves anything however if you’ve already had previous issues with them then yeah it sucks that they single you out but I would get letters about dog tags is we didn’t get our tags on time it’s pretty standard. But with all this being said Fort Erie should be more than willing to allow other places to save and rescue animals, but god knows that the government doesn’t even care about the people so why would they care about their pets??

    1. I have not lived in Fort Erie for sometime but isn’t the Spca a not for profit organization…a full time vet is not free…..the staff of the spca do not make the by-laws they enforce them-unless things have drastically changed they respond to complaints……so someone must not be happy with the BCFS it would be nice to hear from those residents

  13. I read that letter…..couple times in fact……I see a request for you to pay your dog licences fees……I do not read a single word about asking you to leave…..

    I guess i am somewhat confused…..why didn’t you check what the animal by-laws in Fort Erie are before you opened?

  14. Like some animal rescues that a purported to care for animals,
    by this letter, they don’t seem to be interested the welfare of the animals. We should not be concerned about government by-laws when it comes to the protection of animals.

  15. Across the border we have the same problem with the Erie County SPCA. They euthanize tons of healthy animals due to “lack of space”. They barge into people’s homes trying to find any sign of animal abuse. They stole my 7 year old cat off my porch when I was not home and euthanized him without my knowledge. They took a blind man’s seeing eye dog from him. They harassed Beth Hoskins and took her horses…a few of them died while in the “care” of this SPCA. I have searched the web and can find no way to stop these people. They are not a legal entity but they apparently are untouchable. I’m tired of living in fear because I love cats and just want to help get them off the streets and into good homes. This is something the SPCA refuses to do citing them as “Community Cats” and saying they are supposed to be outside. I’m so sick of this world and what it’s become and how people who try to do good things have to live in fear of the “haters”.

  16. I didn’t realize if you lived between like you do they demand 2 licenses. Sounds like another money grabbing scheme to me.


  17. I’ve been being harassed by the NRHS.
    I have a dog licence in another jurisdiction. I had no idea if a dog even visits , you have to get a licence for him/her. (I share my residence btw three different jurisdictions). I just ASS-U-ME (d) one licence would be sufficient. Kind of like a drivers licence. If I go to another State or Province my licence works just fine. NOT so with a dogs licence I’ve come to find out.
    I was given a $220 ticket for not having a local licence. I have two dogs. Then 2 weeks later, they showed up and ticketed me again. I was told that they’d be back every two weeks until I purchased a local license.
    I called a city representative and have so far only gotten the $440 worth of tickets. I’m waiting for my trial date.
    So, if you have relatives visiting you with their pet and someone complains, you could get a ticket even if the complaint is unfounded (which in my case it was. It was retaliation.)
    I know how you feel when you said they were driving you out. I feel exactly the same way.
    We’ll see what the judge has to say. If he says I have to buy a second set of licences, I guess I will. But, I too definitely feel harassed and am wondering why they are picking on me.
    I keep thinking that someone is friends with someone else. OR Someone is trying to throw their weight around. Haven’t figured it out as of yet.
    I think I’m a responsible owner. I pick up after my pets, don’t allow them to bark more than once, & I make sure my pets don’t infringe on other people’s rights.
    I’m aging and not in the greatest health. I really don’t need any of this. Plus, I’m on a pension & really can’t afford all these fees.

  18. My mom recently has been targeted last week in May 2018 by scpca animal services they have rated her home and confiscated all her puppies and dogs. She is a French bulldog breeder in Barrie Anten Mills community and have been operated her business for approximately 4 years. She has maintained safe health environment for all animals and care throughout all interactions. Recently Scpca have been entering her home and identified some health concerns for one of the puppies and have served her with papers to seek veterinary check up on one and more of the puppies and my mom has complied and have visited vet to seek medical attention and next couple of days later scpca rated her home and took all her dogs away please help her get her dogs back her name Nina Goloubeva her phone number 7059704700

  19. This makes me sick!!!!
    Why do they get involved if they are not helping??
    I have a pet pig who is a therapy pig and have recently been ‘turned in’ because they are personal upset with me.
    I am being pressured to part with him, even though he is a therapy pet. How can that be legal?? He does no harm and brings me great joy! I have had him over 5 years since he was a piglet and cannot imagine life without him. The entire neighborhood adores him too

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