Adoption Process


If you’re interested in adoption, you will be required to complete an adoption application before being introduced to a potential foster animal.

It is recommended that an application be completed as soon as possible as we make it a point to “match” the dog to the best possible forever home.

The match depends on special considerations such as the dog’s history and experiences, compatibility with other pets, children, and special needs.

While we make every effort to work adoptions with prospective families on a first come, first served basis—we will always place a dog with its new family based on the “fit” or “match” between the dog and the new home.

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After the application is reviewed and we decide to move forward, an in-depth telephone discussion will occur with one or two of BCFS’ Rescue representatives.

If the decision is made to move to the next step the representative will request permission to check your references.

We will then set  up a visit your home to ensure that a healthy environment exists for any animals potentially adopted from BCFS.

You will be asked to ensure that your family is in attendance at the home visit.

It’s important that your family be on hand so we can determine if there is a positive chemistry between the dog and all members of the dog’s potential new home.


Next Steps

Following this process – BCFS will advise you about next steps for adoption if all goes well and the rescue would like to proceed with the adoption with your family.

All new guardians adopting one of our foster animals will be required to execute their application which states that they will absolutely return the animal to our rescue should things not work out or the adopting party has a change of heart.

This executed document is required at the time of adoption along with the full adoption fee. Please note that adoption fees are non-negotiable.

BCFS  will always accept a dog back into our rescue and insist all parties agree to this arrangement.



Additionally, BCFS will make its volunteers and members available to you following an adoption. We will answer questions and give advice as everyone settles into a new routine and environment.

We always look forward to receiving updates, pictures and stories from families that have adopted from us and like to post success stories on our website.


20 thoughts on “Adoption Process”

  1. Looking to adopt and older small dog for my mom who is alone and enjoys my dog so much. A puppy would be too much work for her she is 70 but active loves walking my dog who is a scottie poo.
    Thank you

    1. If you see a dog that might appeal to you on our website or facebook please fill out and submit an adoption application! Our older dog Mr. Hollingswood might be a good match!

  2. I have recently had to put down my 19 yr. old cockapoo due to poor health. I am looking for a smaller dog as I have always had a dog growing up, had a cocker spaniel, or cockapoo, and a larger dog while living in st. Catharines.

  3. i have experience with horses and i have all the items i need to have a miniature horse, now all i need is the miniature horse.

    1. We have two left up for adoption. It depends what you are looking for… we have an older mare 15 years or a gelding that is turning two this month. He’s a handful! Fill out an application and submit it to our adoption coordinator!

  4. I am a single senior who could give 2 small dogs a good home, at one time we had 4 dogs and when the last dog died I did not think I could stand the pain of losing another dog, But I miss their company, My home is set up to accommodate dogs,

  5. mosses would fit right in I am a widow and have one shit Tzu he is 13 mild layed back I lost our companion in august do to heart failier she was 10 its lonely miss the running around and playing so does benny my dog

  6. Hello Amy,

    I would like to inquire about Montana.

    Is she still available? If so, I will go ahead and fill out an application. Thanks in advance for your help.

  7. I just may have all messed up but am not the greatest on computers.. I am very interested in fostering and adopting a dog along the lines of Popcorn.. I lost my companion on Oct. 28th last year.. we rescued Sam when he was 4 and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge when he was 16, he left one big hole for such a small guy.. I need one of the non-allergic breeds and I do like Popcorn. I am 73 and widowed, they will be sleeping and living in a loving house..

    1. I have an interest for Zig also .. Please use my E-mail address to see my application for Popcorn also.. I could give either a very loving home.. The chosen Pup would have my full attention..

      1. Hi there I seen the adorable Bichon Puppy coming in .. who is scared and timid .. We would so love to adopt him and show him love .. The love he deserves .. and show him all humans aren’t cruel .. We would give him the most incredible life .. If given the chance .. We have fallen in love with this fury faced baby ..
        Hoping to hear from you..
        Sandy Muraca

  8. Hi there I am also interested in Ozzie .. We would love to adopt this sweet boy and make him apart of our loving family.. if given the chance .. He would love our loving home .. and have my son who is 15 .. and 2 brothers both Shih zu’s both 5. And a huge fenced yard to play .. and roam free ,, and all my love.. We would Give him the home and love he deserves .. and sleep in our beds with us .. he would be an indoor dog .. with the rest of our crew.. And live like a Prince.. :)
    Sandy Muraca

  9. My wife and i retired 70 year olds. We had to put our littls shitzu down last year at 14 years old. We are looking for a puppy or young dog of the same breed. We would eve take one that had been used forbreeding. We would also take a pup that has been returned by someone or the runt of the litter. We have even taken care if something happened to us. Our daughters would take the the dog.would really appreciate if you could help us. Thankyou Keith jennings.

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