Nestled in Love – Allura’s New Family!

BCFS is happy that our rescued shih tzu/Jack Russell cross Allura has not only found loving new adoptive parents, but she’s gained a big furry canine brother named Murphy and two kitty siblings, too! Puppy mill survivor Allura is now playing and snuggling with her new family!

allurafromadoptivemomamanda2expHow sweet it is: Allura, left, and her new brother Murphy

Allura’s new family has renamed her Molly and mom Amanda sends us these sweet pics and updates – her first one came shortly after her adoption:

I wanted to give you ladies a quick update and let you know that everything is going really well and we had a great first night. She and Murphy are really enjoying each other’s company and they’ve had a few good plays together. It’s quite funny to watch them romp around together. We lifted her into our bed last night and she plopped right down in the blankets beside Murph and slept the whole night. It’s a good thing we have a king size bed, so there is lots of room for us and the fur babies. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a sweet dog. We are so happy to have her here and look forward to our future together.

Allura/Molly is settling in beautifully with her new family and we’re especially glad she has another dog to play and live with and to learn from. Dogs are the best teachers for other dogs, especially puppy mill survivors who are shy and just learning what it is to be a normal dog.


As happy as we were with Amanda’s first update, her new one makes us smile from ear to ear:

Now that we’ve had Allura for a week I thought I would give another update. We did decide to change her name to Molly and she is already responding to her new name! She is such a smart little girl and she catches on very fast!

In the week we have had her she has come a long way. We crate her when we go out and if I say “Molly, cage” and snap my fingers by the door of her kennel, she goes right in. She also now goes up and down the stairs mostly on her own with a little bit of encouragement.

Murphy loves having a friend and Molly looks to Murphy for guidance and cues on how she should act in different situations. We couldn’t have asked for a better match with Murphy and Molly.


We also went to Grant’s parents’ house yesterday for his grandfather’s birthday. We brought Murphy and Molly so we could expose Molly to some new people and a new place (this is where the dogs will go when we need someone to puppysit). They have a massive backyard and they both ran around all afternoon and they had an amazing time!

Molly also met some new people of all ages and she was really good with everyone. She is shy at first, but after a pet or two, there was a couple people she kept going back to for more pets. She is such a wonderful girl! When she was running around with Murph yesterday with her tail wagging and a big smile with her tongue hanging out, it actually made me tear up a little to see what a happy little girl she is. I know, I’m a sap :)

Also, this morning when we woke up, she was bouncing around on the bed wagging her tail and she gave me my first couple kisses on my hand. That was a great start to our day!

Thank you so much for allowing us to give this special girl her forever home! We couldn’t ask for a better furry addition! :)

And we at BCFS couldn’t ask for a better forever family than Amanda and Grant, Murphy and their kitties. A perfect match!

Allura/Molly is five years old and came into BCFS’ foster care program in September along with her mother Delana, seven years old. Both girls were shy and scared.


Allura had known little of the outside world and was initially fearful.



A strange new environment, new people, new sights, smells and sounds – getting used to the peace and safety of BCFS. Our other rescued dogs like Naji and Walter helped Allura and Delana come out of their shells. Both girls made big strides in just weeks.


Allura’s mom Delana and her brother Fenton were adopted recently and now Allura (renamed Molly) has a forever family of her own, too.

Thank you to new parents Amanda and Grant and to their dog Murphy for making Allura/Molly their own, and for your wonderful updates and photos!

Please remember to adopt, don’t shop. These are the precious lives saved when caring people choose to adopt.


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  1. I cannot believe that Allura(Molly) has moved on with her new life so fast. From where she came from to this new family is truly a miracle. Without Amy and the volunteers at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary who give the dogs time to figure it out, we couldn’t continue to do what we do. Congrats and a huge thank you to all, especially Molly!!

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