naji close up

Naji Part Two: Rehabilitation

Whoever adopts Naji is the luckiest family ever!

This beautiful, kind, loving creature is amazing. After all he’s been through and his struggle to survive, he loves.

He loves better than any person we know.

Naji loves people and other animals. After three leash walks he’s happy to walk loose leash beside you. He’s sweet, beautiful and amazing.

We love Naji!

He’s managed to make friends with just about everyone on the farm. Including our toughest critic: Hershel the pig.

naji and hershel

We were a little worried about Naji and Elsa, but Elsa loves her new play-mate! They race around and its not always Naji chasing Elsa!

naji and elsa igloo

I suppose our fears were unjustified when we caught them napping together.

naji elsa laying down

Naji will be up for adoption after he finishes his treatment for heartworm. This beautiful boy sadly has heartworm, but the two medics who rescued him have raised $1250 towards his $1500 treatment!

If you’d like to donate to Naji’s treatment you can do so on our donations page at BCFS Donations or an email transfer via

From Day One:

Day one of rescue
Day one of rescue





To Naji Aug 17, 2016!

Naji Aug 17
Naji Aug 17

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