Naji Adopted! From Starving and Sick to Healthy and Happy

Naji’s story has such a happy ending, we’re thrilled to share it!

Remember Naji? This loving black Lab/Rottweiler mix was near death when two caring paramedics found him in the middle of a dirt road last summer and rescued him. He was so emaciated from starvation his bones stuck out, and he could barely lift his head to look at his rescuers.

Fast-forward six months: Naji’s foster family nursed this sweet boy back to health and they’ve officially adopted him! BCFS board member Dave and his family fostered Naji and he couldn’t be in better hands. Today Naji glows with health.

naji2picstextNaji’s transformation with lots of TLC from BCFS board member Dave and his family

Naji’s heroic recovery began when the paramedics who found him last July came back to search for him after their shift, found him under a trailer and took him home for a night. They offered him kindness, gentle hands, food, water and a safe place to sleep. They gave him a name, too: Naji. It’s derived from the Arabic word “safe”, and also an African name meaning “rescued and saved”.

By the next morning Naji had already improved and after a week at the humane society for the waiting period, he was legally transferred to BCFS. He’d been so starved, left to fend on his own on the farm where he’d been born, Naji’s bones still stuck out on his arrival into our foster care program.


Naji’s Foster Care and Recovery with BCFS

Naji was fed and given water carefully, every two hours, so he didn’t vomit out what he consumed. He started to gain a little weight.


Naji also got the veterinary care he urgently needed. He was covered in lice and fleas, had the contagious disease Giardia which causes diarrhea, and worst of all, Naji had life-threatening heartworm disease. For the safety of BCFS’ animals, Naji had to be kept isolated at first due to his Giardia.


Naji’s life was imperiled by having heartworms, and heartworm treatment is expensive and dangerous. BCFS’ board considered options and consulted with colleagues in Mexico who deal more often with heartworm. We decided to proceed with heartworm treatment for Naji in the hopes of saving his life.

naji-close-up-900x576Thank you from BCFS to everyone who donated for Naji’s heartworm treatment!

We extend our gratitude and thanks to the medics who found Naji for raising $1,250 of the funds needed to cover Naji’s heartworm treatment, and to every kind soul who donated. Sometimes it takes a village to save a precious life like Naji’s and this loving boy had a village who cared.

BCFS board member Dave stepped up to foster Naji and his rehabilitation continued for months during his heartworm treatment. Naji got to hang out with BCFS animals like Elsa and they became fast friends.


And even napped together.


It didn’t take long to learn that despite his harsh, unkind start in life, Naji is pure love. He loves everyone, animals and people. He was quick to pick up on leash-training and is happy to walk loose-leash. Naji’s had the care and devotion of his foster family to help him through his many months of heartworm treatment.


Thank you to BCFS board member Dave and his family for taking this ailing, needy boy into your care, nursing him to health and giving Naji a forever home! Leadership by example, the best of all.

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