muffin shih tzu available for adoption

Muffin to Ragamuffin, Shih Tzu Rescue Tail – ADOPTED! Dec 2014

Muffin is a plucky little two year old Shih Tzu with a big bad life story. We hope to find the angel furever family that will make her future the brightest it can be.  Here’s why …

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary has, in our short history, received two messages from two separate Humane Societies regarding dogs on the euthanasia list. The euthanasia list is for dogs considered unadoptable for one of many issues – usually behavioural, but often times its a medical problem.  One of the calls was about Muffin, a Shih Tzu, and she was challenged with both issues.

abused rescued shih tzu muffin

Muffin had been abandoned in an apartment and left for dead. The apartment had been empty for over a week when the downstairs tenant heard a dog walking around upstairs. He called animal control.

What they found was a two year Shih Tzu who had never been groomed. Her legs were so matted together she could barely walk. She was carrying months worth of feces and urine locked against her skin. It was a wonder the neighbour heard anything at all.

The shelter staff had to put her under to conduct the “grooming.” Four pounds of hair and waste were removed to uncover a beautiful little dog with a fearful attitude. But she had a zest for life too, we soon discovered.



The shelter setting with its scent of panic in the air often leads dogs to behave negatively, against their nature. They might bite or lash out to protect themselves. This is what Muffin did.

She was terrified and went to teeth to fight off any touch, because any touch was bad. It didn’t take long for the shelter to realize that Muffin needed in-home care. She was completely unadoptable in her current state.

To make matters worse for Muffin she had a medical condition – cherry eye –  where the tear gland herniates through the third eyelid and causes a pink ball of tissue to protrude from the corner of the eye.

rescued shih tzu muffin

We got the message from the shelter that they were looking to transfer her to a rescue group. Even with the long list of issues on Muffin, it was with little hesitation that we accepted her into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s foster program. We were determined to show her love, and give her a home base from which we could help her heal spiritually, medically and behaviorally.

Within a few days Muffin was welcoming strangers with happy tail wags and delight. Muffin did quite well until you tried to do something she was unsure of – like pick her up, put on a collar or harness, or touch her when she wasn’t ready.

After a couple of weeks we were able to put on a collar, harness and even pick her up if we were slow and let her know our intentions. She was making incredible progress! We decided it was time to fix the cherry eye – by all accounts a minor surgery. Little did we know we were walking into disaster.

Muffin is not quite sure about these things ...
Muffin is not quite sure about these things …

Cherry Eye Surgery for Shih Tzu Muffin

The simple surgery didn’t work. Muffin’s cherry eye popped back out, which is not uncommon. The second surgery occurred a week later and the gland was returned to its home base.

After that, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. In the second procedure, infection had set in and a stray stitch had caused an eye ulcer.

A third eye surgery was called for, to remove the gland, scrape out the infection and clean up the eye ulcer that had grown exponentially. Muffin was now staying at the vet’s office to save the eye. She was there for over a week.

It was a wet Wednesday afternoon when I went to pick Muffin up at the vet’s office and saw the sad sight of our Shih Tzu rescue dog. She really was starting to look like a Ragamuffin, shades of that poor little abused orphan who was unwanted and unloved hovering about her. My heart broke and the tears welled in my eyes, thinking that all the work we were doing was not having nearly the results we’d been planning.


I dug deep for my best professional facade, but I think the clinic staff saw through me as I paid the bill and took our Ragamuffin home to recover, again.

I have no doubt that we could find this damaged dog a forever home, but it’s going to be hard to let go. Had she had enough bouncing around for her short lifetime? Should she become a Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary resident dog? Was it just my heart that made me want to hold her tight and never let her go?

I asked myself the toughest question of all: were we the best home for this Ragamuffin?

The answer was a glaring no and I sighed heavily as I felt another fissure in my heart bleed a little at the thought of letting wee Muffin into the big world,. So it is with great hesitation, but confidence in the workings of good karma, that I post the following …

muffin shih tzu available for adoption
We convinced her they might end up just like her – Muffins!


Shih Tzu Muffin Available for Adoption

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is seeking an incredibly patient, special and loving home for our girl.

To qualify you must be completely devoted to making her life happy. You must never punish her for anything, as she’s been punished enough. You must never raise your voice or hand in her direction. Your newly found purpose in life is to love Muffin.

I know this is a tall order to fill, but you will be rewarded with the most amazing, kind, sweet little miracle that ever deserved to find peace and a lap to call her own.

Only angels need apply. You know who you are and its time for you to bring your girl home. I’m going to need your help and a box of tissue the day she goes to your furever home, so I hope you are stronger than me. I will forever be in your debt for loving an amazing soul.

Muffin’s 411

  • Female, Spayed, UTD Vaccines
  • Age: 2 years
  • Breed: Shih Tzu
  • Color & Coat: Tan and White
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Size:  Small
  • Temperament: shy, sweet, loving, curious, loyal
  • Housebroken: Yes
  • Good on Leash: Loves to walk
  • Good with other dogs: Yes, tends to be submissive
  • Good with Kids:  No opportunity to assess yet
  • Good with Cats: Not yet fully assessed; seemed indifferent
  • Good in Car: Yes
  • Crate Trained: Does not like to be in one but will tolerate

NOTE: Muffin is currently recovering from her eye surgery. Further tests to determine long term care will be completed at the appropriate time. Her healing progress will be posted regularly.

Adoption Process for Shih Tzu Muffin

If you are interested in adopting Shih Tzu Muffin, please complete Adoption Application available here on the website BEFORE contacting Amy at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

We thank our sponsors CaniSource for providing excellent nutrition that helps speed Muffins recovery!

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  1. My heart hurts so much for this beautiful little pup, Muffin.

    I have a couple of questions please.

    I work Monday – Friday, 8:30 -4:00, would she be ok by herself?

    How much medical attention will she need on a daily basis?

    Thanking you in advance…Marie

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