Muffin the Shih Tzu, Adopted!

The last day of 2014 proved to be bittersweet as we sent Muffin to her forever home. All the dogs wiggle their way into my heart, but none more so than the ones that overcome great sadness to find love.

shih tzu adoptedAs Muffin’s new family walked through the farm door with tears in their eyes, her new Mom handed me a box of tissues and we both laughed through the tears.

Once the paperwork was signed and harness was measured I picked up Muffin and held her in my arms for one last hug. She tilted her head, placed it on my shoulder, looked into my eyes and sighed. In return I paused, breathed deep and kissed her head in farewell.

abused rescued shih tzu muffin
When Muffin came into rescue …
... and when she left foster care!
… and when she left foster care!

I gave Muffin’s mom and dad each a hug and made them promise to look after our baby girl. Dad nodded, took the leash and headed out the door with Muffin trotting happily in his wake.


I watched the new family pull out the driveway as the tears cruised down my cheeks. I let the wetness grow cold on my face before I brushed away the tears, poured a glass of wine and prepared to ring in the new year.

Standing in the farm kitchen with the Christmas lights glowing, I had one less heartbeat to feed that night, but she was not gone or forgotten – she was home.

muffin shih tzu adopted

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shih tzu happy tails

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