Mother’s Day

From the Desk of Amy,

On the eve of Mother’s Day with a newly rescued dog napping peacefully on my lap I think of my mother as I open the recipe book she gave me when I turned eighteen.

The simple yellow spiral notebook included all our family recipe from spaghetti to banana muffins. Each recipe is written in my mother’s beautiful cursive writing that connects me to her in a way I never imagined.


The loops and pages lead me to her recipe for chocolate chip cookies. This recipe is merely the instructions from the back of a package of chipits, but to me its a secret family recipe. 

I mix the ingredients and stare at the loops of her writing feeling her near me. She left us far too soon fifteen years ago and I can still hear her unique wind up laughter as I bake and she dances in the kitchen.


I never had children, but if I did I’d write them a recipe book complete with my favourite recipes for Happy Children and Elephant Stew.


Thank you mom, for life, for the love of animals and for the stained, ragged yellow spiral notebook that contained your most precious words in your unique writing.

I feel happy and fulfilled with my life, with my family and with my yellow spiral notebook.

For the Ultimate Dog Mom 

My Heart Sister, Karen


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