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Monique Looking for a Family to Love

Monique’s personality is much like her stature – unusual, unique or perhaps even extraordinary.

She’s from the far north Ontario where she not only survived, she was a very young mama. She’s Boozoo’s mom!


She loves her people and seems to have endless energy. She gets along with dogs she knows like Blue and Ziggy, but we’d like to see her go to a home with no other pets. She’d rather be the queen of her home.

Growing up in the north means she learned to hunt early in life, so we don’t recommend a home with cats or small dogs or small animals. She just wants to be with her people.


She sticks like glue and you don’t have to worry about her wandering off. She comes when she’s called with delight and joy. She’s seeking family love.

Monique would love to have a family with children to love. Having been a mama herself, she loves children and would love to go from bed to bed to bed giving all good night cuddles.

Monique does have lots of energy and would do well in a home who loved the outdoors. Monique would be a great camp dog, loves car rides and is compact enough to travel easily.

Monique plays in the snow March 2017 

Monique looks like a big dog, but only weights 25 pounds – she has incredibly short legs.

IMG_3117Monique is crate trained, but would prefer to sleep in your bed. She’s housetrained and will potty on command. She pulls on a leash, but takes correction well. Its not that she’s ill-behaved, she’s just so excited to go for a walk with you that she forgets her manners for the first few minutes.

Are you the right family for Monique? Lots of active kids? Taking her to soccer games, baseball and camping? Lots of walks and hiking? She’s your loving girl.


Please fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in Monique and come out and meet her! She’s a doll.



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