Monique gets Adopted!

It’s tough to find a home for a special dog and sometimes it can take months, but we’re patient and don’t mind waiting for the right people to come along.

This is the case with Monique. She’s a delightful girl, but needs a bit of time to warm up. Yes, she chases squirrels, cats and the occasional bird. Her short little legs rarely move her fast enough to catch anything, but she does put in a valiant effort.

img_2599croppedWhen it Rains it Pours

Monique has been in BCFS’ foster care program for five months, so you can imagine our surprise when we got not one, but two applications in on Monique at the same time!


Both wonderful families with much to offer, but we really needed to think about Monique and determine which was the best home for this special girl.

The adoption process seems to work well in deciding the right choice. We also take into consideration how the dogs react to the people and how the people take the challenge of a dog who isn’t a typical dog.


Well, we found it and now Monique is basking in the love of her forever home. She’ll be sleeping with her new family in their big bed and basking in the glow of love.

When Paul said he wanted “a partner in crime” we laughed and couldn’t have described Monique any better.

moniqueadoptednewhomecroppedMonique settles into her new digs!


Congratulations to Paul and Monique on finding a lovely match!


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