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Monique & Blue: Northern Adult Dogs

Monique and Blue are dogs rescued from the far north of Ontario: a reservation called Sandy Lake to be exact, where life was tough and survival required living off the land.


You ate what you could catch or scavenge. That’s why these dogs have a high prey drive and will go after small animals – including cats and other small dogs. Even if they’ve been good with small dogs in the past (like this picture) it is not safe to house them long term with any animal.


It was survival.


This type of lifestyle did increase their prey drive, but it decreased their aggression towards people. It was unacceptable to be aggressive towards people (because those dogs were shot), so their greatest qualities are their incredible connection with people.


They will be protective of their families and they will be standoffish or even aggressive with other dogs – depending on the other dog. These “northern dog suriviors” managed to live because they had to stand up for themselves. They had to fight for their place in their world.


Life isn’t like that in Southern Ontario, but it’s difficult to ask a Northern Dog to not chase a rabbit or perhaps a small dog that looks like a rabbit?


The northern dogs tend to be tight with their people families and will accept other canines (of greater or equal size) into their canine pack. There will be some scuffling to determine the pecking order, but ultimately the human in charge is at the top.


If you’d like to adopt Monique or Blue please consider wisely the following points:


2. NO SMALL DOGS (under 25 pounds)

3. Fully fenced yard

4. No children under 8 years old

5. Previous Dog Experience.

6. Time to walk and exercise a dog


The Northern dogs are some of the THE most incredible dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of rescuing, but when they come to live in the South as adults their learned behaviours could be considered – negative, mostly due to their high prey drive.


Monique is more excitable than Blue and Blue is more quietly thoughtful than Monique. They both have their qualities.

At the end of the day it depends on what fits in best with your home. Both dogs are very respectful of people, but will test limits with other dogs. If you have an aggressive dog at home already – neither Monique or Blue are a good match.

We hope there are a few families out there that might be the perfect home for Blue or Monique. They could go together (as they get along well), but they are not a bonded pair.

Please send in an application as per our adoption process if you’d like to meet either Blue or Monique. You will not be disappointed — they are lovers first and, only fighters by necessity.



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