Mitsy, Now Maggie, Has Been Adopted!

Mitsy, an 11-year-old tabby cat, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in March 2017. With her soft grey fur and beautiful eyes, Mitsy proved easy to fall in love with.


During her time in foster care, Mitsy’s playful and affectionate personality really came through. Despite being a bit shy and timid at first, it seemed this sweet girl just needed a bit of patience and gentle care to allow her to come out of her shell. It wasn’t long before Mitsy loved to curl up on her foster mom’s lap to be pet.


As time passed, Mitsy’s foster mom Pheobe decided that she simply could not part with Mitsy and decided to adopt her. Pheobe was looking for a companion; someone that she could treat as a member of the family and it seems she found just that in Mitsy. While this process of deciding to adopt a foster is commonly referred to as a ‘foster-failure’, it does not seem that the word ‘failure’ is really appropriate to describe Pheobe and Mitsy finding their perfect match! We call this a success.


We are so happy for Pheobe and Mitsy (now called Maggie) and wish them a wonderful life together.

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