Miracles Do Happen: Keller Adopted!!!!

After 9 months in foster care Keller has finally found his forever family. This blind senior Chihuahua sat unwanted for months. He was well loved by his foster home, but the right family hadn’t come along to whisk Keller away to a world of love only a forever family holds.


He had his favourite crate, toys and excellent food, but was still searching for the special love. And he found it!

Patience and time proved to be key in finding this sweet boy his forever home. A wonderful family full of love showers Keller with love and attention.


This family with their glowing wonderful hearts has also agreed to foster Cricket. We simply can’t believe our luck.


With tears of gratitude we send Keller off to live with his forever family, taking Cricket with him for support and love. They will share their home with two cats.

_MG_4884Miracles do happen…. Keller in his forever home.


Thank you to all the people who shared his post that eventually helped find the missing family to Keller’s bliss. Cheers!


Bursting with joy!



3 thoughts on “Miracles Do Happen: Keller Adopted!!!!”

  1. He is the funniest little guy ever. Always busy, always happy, and always gain for hugs and cuddles. I like ve him to bits!

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