Mexican rescued dog adopted Minnie

Minnie the Rescued Mexico Dog Adopted!!

We barely had her in the door when folks came knocking wanting to adopt this sweet little German Pointer cross.  Minnie the rescued Mexico dog came all the way from Merida to find a perfect furever home. Her sweet disposition is only slightly more adorable than her amazing spotted paws.

Minnie the Mexican Dog


Minnie barely makes a peep, but is happy, friendly and curious as she investigates the farm.

mexican rescued dog minnie explores

Two world collided when the family who wanted to adopt Minnie met her rescuer Jane.  Jane is the rescuer in Mexico in Red, Amy is the Canadian rescue in black holding Nube from Mexico and the couple holding Minnie from Mexico have given her a forever loving home.


We come full circle complete with rescue, rehabilitation and rehome!  We are so incredibly thrilled to see her off to a loving home where she’ll get all the sweetness she deserves.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Adoptions

We are on a roll of adoptions this week. First Truffles and next Minnie from Mexico. Let’s see if we can break our own record and find perfect furever homes for Nube Chihuahua, Donkey Rabbit and maybe even our pond-lovin’ Ducks!


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