Mini Cooper, Baby Mini Horse is Growing Up!

We didn’t realize last November when we rescued four miniature horses that we were actually rescuing FIVE. By March it was apparent that mini mare Montana was pregnant, because the paint colt (now a gelding) named JB whom BCFS also rescued had not yet been gelded.  JB had clearly romanced Montana before their rescue. The family resemblance is clear:


Luckily BCFS found a wonderful adoptive  forever home in March for both mama Montana and her expected foal!  Wee Cooper was born in April and Montana turned out to be a good mama, attentive and loving with Cooper.

Mini Cooper stood just a little taller than the dogs on the farm and even believed she was a dog.  She is a very sweet little foal.


amy montana cooperBCFS’ founder Amy with Cooper and Montana in the spring

Mama Montana and Mini Cooper have fit right into the family at the farm.

montana and cooperBCFS’ Adoptions Coordinator Silvana with the wee equines

Montana has proven to be a wonderful mama to Mini Cooper.


The adoptive family are thrilled to have Montana and Mini Cooper as part of their family, and recently sent BCFS these new photos of beautiful Cooper.


Cooper is growing up fast! She’s very tall for a mini, almost as tall as her mama Montana already!


Cooper is sweet, friendly and loving.  It’s no wonder, since Montana is easy to handle and delightful as well, and Cooper is well-loved at her new home.


BCFS is grateful to the adoptive family who gave not only Montana but her foal Cooper a forever home. Cooper is blossoming in their care and has sprouted like a vine since her birth, seen here with Amy in April.


As for frisky JB, Cooper’s papa, BCFS had him gelded in January and he too found his forever home in July with his foster family! A happy ending for all.

JBIMG_2705cropped2XresizedJB and his adoptive family

BCFS… saving the world one animal at a time.

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