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Mia Happy Tail Gets Happier Yet! Her Furever Family Reports

As dog rescuers, we field a lot of stories of tragedy and drama that are often difficult to bear. So we are especially grateful when our adoptive families share their happy tails of life with their new family members with us! Here is a bevvy of photos and a little update on how Mia the Lebanon tri-pod is doing in her furever home, courtesy her mum Gillie.

First of all, Mia fits in perfectly. There is no doubt in our minds that Mia was meant to come home with us. The cats accepted her without a second glance – it’s like she’s always been here. No problems in the house at all.

mia happy tail

She is moving around, exploring and she seems to have gotten over her initial trepidation with the floors. She sleeps so well through the night and she eats very well. She’s been having 2 poops a day and has been having some serious play time outdoors.

happy tail mia

We did a meet and greet with our vet on Friday, everyone at the clinic just loved her (of course!). We will be back in a month for another deworming pill, per Amy’s advice (and vet agreed).


Mia has surprised me every day with how quickly she adapts and thrives in her new life. She loves playing in the back yard – loves chasing Willy – and he loves to be chased! She’s is getting stronger by the minute it seems and she is very maneuverable – she can even out-maneuver Willy to steal the frisbee. They have had some friendly tug of war (no growling) and Willy seems happy to share his frisbee with her. They love to play with a bit of physical bumping but she is very stable and solid – no worry of Willy knocking her off her feet at all – she’s got the size on him.

happy tail mia lebanon dog

Their very first play session they were both down on their haunches in the ‘play stance’ and since then completely in sync with one another in terms of playing on the same level physically. When they get a little too excited, both respond quickly to my “tssshht” and settle down. As much as I want to them play well, it’s so important to me to have both of them respond and bring the energy level down at the same time. Couldn’t ask for more.mia happy tail

Mia has been down to the beach a couple of times now and just loves it – more space to sniff and run and dig!! She loves to dig!! She’ll dig a hole and then lay in looking quite proud of herself.

mia happy tail

The dogs are so good in the car together – they are both so easy going and share the space no problem. I took them both to a friend’s farm yesterday for a play date. She has a Chesapeake Retriever, Russi, quite a large solid dog. Mia completely held her own and all three dogs just loved having the run of open pasture. I was so surprised that in the 40 minutes of play time, Mia didn’t lay down once – she was either running or sniffing or standing and watching the other two dogs. I thought she may have laid down for a little rest but no, she was so engaged with Willy and Russi that she remained on her feet the whole time. Wow.
mia at the beach happy tail

mia at the beach happy tail

When given the choice of who to chase – she always chased Willy which makes me think she is bonding with him. She wanted to follow him. But – she is definitely not just a follower, today at the beach she was the one being chased – and she loved it. Again, she used her maneuvering skills to keep Willy on the chase.

We’ve been giving them some alone time as well – just trying to get a sense of her anxiety when left alone. On Thursday morning there was a bit of crying if I left the room – but mainly because she wasn’t confident on the floors and felt that she couldn’t move around. Now that she is up walking around the house she can follow us from room to room if she wants – although, of course, now that her confidence is building she will stay in a room without us no problem.  We’ve been leaving them alone in the house for a couple of hours at a time and no issues there either.

mia happy tail

Another first! On Sunday evening Mia discovered that she can launch herself onto our bed! Since then she and Willy have been having some good nap time together. Both dogs were very mellow on Sunday night after a busy few days and lots of activity.

Mia is just an absolute joy and we’ve been laughing and crying, all at once, watching her engage in her new life with us. I will definitely continue to send updates and photos.

Many hugs


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  1. I loved Mia from afar! And came close to fostering her! But seeing her so happy and such a perfit fit? So warms my heart for you and your family, thanks for sharing!

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