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Mia Found Her Thrill on Beaver Creek Hill – Adopted!

Mia is one of our six rescued dogs from Beirut Lebanon, and the third for whom Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary can now announce a successful adoption!

I found my thrill
On Beaver Creek Hill
On Beaver Creek Hill
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Mia met her prospective new family as she does anyone and everyone – with her tail wagging politely and a big lop-sided grin on her face.  She certainly did not mind Willy the dog’s curious sniffs. As they met on-leash, at a comfortable distance strolling along, Willy had to take a few minutes to get used to Mia’s unusual gait to realize its just that, just a funny way of getting around – no big deal.

The meet and greet was actually the second hello for her prospective new human family. Not only had they been following Mia’s journey from Beirut to Beaver Creek online, but they drove hours to attend the Fall Open House just to meet the Lebanon posse.

Beaver Creek foster families brought three dogs back to the Farm Sanctuary as a follow up from that Open House, and to properly complete the adoption application. We ask that all members of the family, including pets, met the prospective adoptee. Fletcher and Buddy each met the family, one at a time. Buddy was tolerant, Fletcher was more interested in sniffing out treasures (hey, he’s a Lab, that’s what he does! It was Mia that leaned into the experience, and sent doggy messages with those big brown eyes.

We all trooped inside, dogs outside, to sit down with Heather the foster mom, the prospective family, Amy and Brent.

Mia lebanon rescued dog

Blind (in one eye) with a chopped off leg, she was heartlessly beaten on the street over and over because she was a “nuisance.” – Mona Khoury, Co-Founder, BETA

lebanon dog adoptedMia’s foster family reported just a few days after she went to their home.  “She is, in a word, awesome!” Mia did steal Colleen’s heart, and Heather. who brought Mia to her meet and greet the day she met her new family, had to take a minute to collect her emotions as it became obvious the new family was also a match made in heaven for their sweet foster dog. “This is our second foster assignment for Beaver Creek, and I know this is the part where you want a box of tissues at hand!”

The adoption was confirmed – Mia has a new family all her own.

The wrench in the pit of your tummy is a bitter sweet one of course – as a foster parent, you are thrilled that “your” dog is on their way to a loving furever home, and a perfect one at that; and yet at the same time, one can not help but fall in love during their time with you, especially with dogs who have such a rich history and amazing story of resilience, as Mia does.

The visit ended with hugs and congratulations and a flurry of logistical arrangements all ’round. Mia will be making her final trip to her furever home today, Thursday Nov 6 – now know in Beaver Creek circles as Mia’s Gotcha Day!


lebanon dog adoption
Mia will have a spirited new brother in her furever home – Willy Wonka!

Adopt a Lebanon Rescued Dog

Mia is the catalyst for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s outreach to BETA Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They are the original rescue organization in Lebanon that saved Mia from her plight on the street. We shared some of her backstory on our previous post The Dogs from Lebanon. It did not take long for the story that moved Amy’s heart to reach the family she can now call her own.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is a safe place for animals who have been abused or neglected to recover and become healthy. Our adoption program matches our rescued and rehabilitated animals to the family best able to continue to give them a fine, healthy and happy quality of life. Mia’s story and Lucky’s story are two wonderful case studies of our program in action.

Find out more about us and our adoptable dogs from Lebanon – Solo, Mandy and Fletcher – by exploring our website here or by visiting our Facebook Page anytime.

Online Adoption Applications right here!

lebanon rescued dog Mia

The ripple effects of our Fall Open House are still rolling through – stand by for more news as it happens!


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