Mexican Rescued Dogs Coming to BCFS

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is partnering with Mexico-based dog rescue Evolucion to help two of six Mexican rescued dogs on find furever homes in Canada.

Originally saved in San Lorenzo Mexico, they’ll head north by way of Cancun and land most likely in Hamilton – final logistics are still in the works. Their arrival is slated for April 18, 2015. Please consider donating to either BCFS on our donations page or to Evolucion at  www.evolucionanimal.org to help give these Mexican rescued dogs a chance at a better life. Their Journey from San Lorenzo to Cancun to Ontario will take, many, many hearts!

BCFS will be working together with Evolucion to bring two dogs up from their plight in Mexico to BCFS here in Canada.  Even as I write this, Minnie and Mortia are preparing for their flight to a new home.
Affectionately referred to as M & M by the volunteers in Mexico, their rescuers have shared a bit of  information with our gang:

Minnie Mexican Rescued Dog #1

Minnie was dropped off at the Mexican shelter in December 2014.  Actually, I should clarify she was thrown over wall. Thankfully, she did not break anything on the way down.

She is about 7 months old and we are guessing she will not grow much bigger.  She weighs about 7-8 kgs. We have no idea what kind of mix she is, although she has the colouring of a Pointer.  But she is tiny!!! She is absolutely adorable. She loves people and other dogs, and we cannot, for the life of us, understand why she hasn’t been adopted yet.  But that’s Mexico . . .


Morita Mexican Rescued Dog #2

Morita is a terrier cross who weighs approximately 10kgs, although we have yet to get her on an official scale, so she may be a little heavier. Her story is sad. Morita was mistreated and neglected by her first “family.” She used to escape to the street and come back later.  Her family got angry with her for doing it. So they tied her up and starved her, and then finally kicked her out onto the street.  She tried to come home, but every time she appeared, they would hit her with a broom.

Understandably, she is a little shy and wary of new people at first, but you will gain her trust with a little time.  She is fine with other dogs.  She doesn’t like abrupt movements. She will need a little patience settling in to her new foster or permanent home, but we have no doubt she will make a wonderful pet for a loving and patient family. Morita was featured in our 2015 Evolucion Animal calendar.

If you are interested in adopting either of these lovely ladies please fill out a BCFS – Adoption application and forward to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana – scronier- at – rogers.com


Directly from the Evolucion website:


Visit the Evolucion A.C. (English) Facebook site and press the Donate button on the left hand side of the page to help them on their way!

Facebook Page Here

 If you wish to make a cash donation email patintheyucatan – at – gmail.comAll donations gratefully received.

15 thoughts on “Mexican Rescued Dogs Coming to BCFS”

      1. Does she come with all shots n such …shes such a beauti…my daughter just adoped “ron ” from the last group that came ftom mexico

        1. All of our animals come spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and heartworm tested. The Mexico dogs also come tested for a variety of tick borne disease not seen in Canada. They are also treated with wormers designed to kill giardia and hook worm. We are very thorough with our testing.

  1. I was hoping to get some more information on Minnie. What is your adoption process and what do you think the timeline is for the Mexican Rescue dogs? I know you listed her weight, do you have an approximate height/size for her? And finally do you for see any reason why she couldn’t join a family with small children? Thanks :)

    1. What you have read on the website is all the information we have on Minnie. They will likely be arriving mid April. Our adoption process is to have the interested family fill out an adoption application and we contact your references and do a home visit. We would then plan a meet and greet between you and the dog to see if it is a good match. We generally don’t adopt out small dogs to homes with small children.

      1. Do you consider her a “small” dog? Just wondwring why you recommend a big dog for a family with small children? Thanks :)

        1. Allison, small dogs are more vulnerable to physical harm by children than big dogs. A little Chihuahua or Shih Tzu could be seriously injured or worse if a toddler tried to climb on their back to ride them, for instance. Hopefully, parents would teach their young children how to properly handle and play with any animals in the household without harming them, but kids can also forget, or get excited and spontaneously do something that could hurt a small dog. Also, there are breeds of larger dogs who are known for being wonderful with young children, like labs, golden retrievers, collies or Newfoundlands. :)

    2. i have personally walked Minnie and Morita today and twice a week for the past 3 months ,they have been walked by volunteers… they are both the sweetest ,gentlest,loving dogs you could find. i am wintering in merida from b.c. canada .minnie is smaller than morita but both smaller dogs..

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