Mexican Dog Nube Flies In and Out – Forever Home!

Dennis first set eyes on Nube (new-bay) at our April Meetup 2015. He couldn’t stop thinking about her all that night.

Wanting to give himself the time to think about the responsibilities of having two dogs, he slept on it another night. He wrestled with all the implications that come with two dogs.

Mexican Dog Finds Furever Life

bcfs rescued mexican dogs

By Wednesday he was ready. He wanted to see if Chichi and Nube would be a good match. Chichi is his little black chihuahua adopted from BCFS in February 2015,

It was love at first sight for the boys. At first, it seemed it might take some convincing before Nube was happy to hang with her new “gents only” companions.

bcfs rescued mexican dogs nube adopted

Luckily, Nube has incredible taste.  After a little play time with Dennis and her favorite stuffie pig, she succumbed to the charms of ‘her’ new gent and his best pal Chichi.

nube chi dennis

Nube’s short stint with us at BCFS was one of pleasure. She is a top notch cuddler with class action zoomies and lot of love to give.

Congrats to Dennis and Chichi on finding a lovely little girl to share their life. Congrats to Nube on finding a loving forever home.

bcfs rescued mexican dog nube


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