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Meet and Greet Etiquette

When bringing your dog to meet any foster dog, or even just to visit friends, please take your dog for a walk first. This allows the first burst of energy to be expelled along the walk, as well as expelling a great quantity of urine and feces.


Basic Rules

1. Nothing more embarrassing than meeting a new canine sibling with a good bum sniff and having to have a poop. Did you know when a dog is defecating they are the most vulnerable?

2. Do not bring any food or treats into the meet and greet area. You know your dog, but you don’t know about the other dogs in the situation. Often food or toys can set off aggression.

3. Do not bring your purse or other bags into the meet area. If you set them down they may become an object of interest, a place to pee or perhaps you have a simple item such as gum that is toxic to dogs.


De-escalate a situation.

Everyone involved wants to have a positive meet, so do everything you can to ensure success!

Watch your dog. Watch their body language and be prepared to step in to prevent unwanted behaviour – like humping: it’s not funny.

If you don’t stop your dog from showing aggressive or unwanted behaviour we will step in. The correction should come from you, so don’t hesitate to correct or redirect your dog.

BCFS staff are on hand to answer your questions and help manage the dogs.

This is a safe sanctuary for animals. Please help us keep it that way.


Dog Park Rules Apply!

  1. Poop n’ scoop is mandatory;
  2. Dogs must be kept on-leash until inside the gated area;
  3. Dog owners and handlers are subject to Ontario Dog Owner’s Liability Act and local bylaws
  4. Park users and dog owners assume all risks related to off-leash dog area usage;
  5. Owners must have dog tags indicating that their dog has been vaccinated and the dog is currently licensed;
  6. Do not bring unaltered dogs to BCFS. We do not welcome intact males or females. We have a strong spay and neuter policy.
  7. All children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult
  8. No food (this applies to both the human and canine variety), is permitted in the off-leash dog area;
  9. Off-leash areas are smoke free areas;
  10. Choke, spike, chain or pinch collars are not allowed in off-leash area;
  11. Dogs must be under control. Owners must be under control.
  12. Owners must pay attention to their dogs and not their cell phones.
  13. Humping must be stopped.




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