Bylaw What?! Council Update May 27, 2015

Keeping our supportive fans and champions up to date with events, here is more on the Bylaw Council Update of May 27, 2015. We received an email on May 26, 2015 asking for a meeting with the two councillors who have been assisting us with some positive bylaw change.

This time I did not sit alone. Our Adoption Coordinator and our Operation Manager joined me at the table to bear witness and give support. I felt less exposed and stronger with their physical presence.

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Chris explained that they had a few meetings with the Town Clerk and the Fort Erie SPCA to work out some initial details regarding the bylaws.

We were worried when Marina stated that “the main bylaws for dogs are good.” Really? They weren’t going to work on all the animal bylaws to make them more progressive? Hamilton has added potbellied pigs to their animal bylaws allowing people to have them in their homes complete with pig tags and registration.

baby potbellied pig

I could almost hear the panic in my voice when I thought of all the charges coming my way. They wanted to write more bylaws, not better ones.

They want to write a bylaw just for Sanctuaries — including Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. There are exactly two registered charities in all of Ontario. The other one is in King City. Does that justify an entire bylaw?

So, council wants to write a bylaw for BCFS. The next day an email comes requesting my wish list for a “Sanctuary Bylaw.” Should I be happy? I feel like I am writing my own suicide note.

I have to take a deep breath and appreciate that BCFS has been invited to participate in the creation of something new and positive. Bylaws that will help us rescue animals? You can see our trepidation.

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I understand their point of view. They don’t want to give rights to just anyone who wants to start a Sanctuary. There have to be laws and regulations to prevent hoarding and promote animal rights. We’re still worried about the policing part, but we’ll come to that bridge when it’s set on fire.

Sorry. Three years of fighting makes me a little punchy.

pot-bellied pig

Chris promises to look at the foster dog licence. The  bylaw listing alpaca as an “exotic” animal is going to be updated. I’m very happy to hear this news. We offer two experts on alpaca who will explain scientifically why alpaca are not considered exotic, but the councillors state it won’t be necessary. No other town in the Niagara Region lists alpaca as exotic. Slam dunk.


I have been asked to provide an outline of what BCFS would like to see in a Sanctuary bylaw and I’m grateful to have a team of people researching.

So we started focusing on what our “dream animal bylaw” would contain. Let the research begin….

Brent Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Baked Goods by Helen


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7 thoughts on “Bylaw What?! Council Update May 27, 2015”

  1. Way to go. Step cautiously and carry a big stick lol. You should be so proud of all your hard work for the ones who cannot speak for themselves. Keep up the good fight.

  2. you are doing a phenomenal job and i think are very guided in this – you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Don’t give up – caution is good and faith is everything :) Be well Nancy

  3. Baby steps , hang in there , have faith in your selves , your mission and many people who support your org

  4. These are great leaps! You are pioneers in sanctuary recognition and all these efforts will have great impact in future. Be fearless, take rescue remedy, you are supported!

  5. Please let the powers that be work together to make this happen for these and other future animals in need of help! Thousands of upon thousands of people world wide are changing major laws about the pouching, killing, neglect and abuse of every type and size of animal weather on land or sea for their betterment. These animals are being recognized, finally, for their unmeasurable contributions to mankind and we in turn need to treat them with all of the humanity and love one can give as breathing, intelligent, thinking human beings. Let us come together and get the proper laws in place quickly before one more animal’s life, home or rescue shelter is shut down.

  6. This is great news but also to be cautioned with…..what exactly is the councils agenda here? Unfortunately they cast all suspicion and risk under the same umbrella of people. I’m sending positive thoughts, love and strength to BCFS. May you all succeed as your vision is truly deserving of recognition.

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